10 Best Healthy Diet Tips for Mastering the Mediterranean Diet

Changing your diet or lifestyle is not an easy task, especially for those who are used to eating everything and how much they want. Having a healthy and balanced diet is much more beneficial for our lives not only for the present, but for our future as well, because  to making us lose weight, it improves our health and guarantees us a healthy aging , protecting us from diseases and guaranteeing greater longevity. Following are some tips on how to succeed in our Mediterranean diet. 

Mediterranean diet success Tip 1: Avoid radical and very restrictive diets

If you resort to a diet that deprives you of some food that you know you will not be able to do without, it tends not to be as successful as it should be, as there will always be that risk of you falling into temptation and eating what is forbidden. After all, we always have that thing that "what is forbidden is better". Prefer diets that fit your tastes. Look for a nutritionist to help you put together a menu that is pleasant and healthy. 

Mediterranean diet success Tip 2: Replace processed foods with natural foods;

This tip is one of the most valuable that you can follow, as it will guarantee you greater success in your diet. Industrialized products tend to be more caloric, rich in sodium and sugars, additionally being super fatty. Between meals, invest in healthy snacks that contain a greater combination of different food groups, such as vegetables, legumes, nuts, cereals, fibers and proteins. 

Mediterranean diet success Tip 3: Eat carbohydrates for breakfast

Carbohydrates are great sources of energy and help us to face the whole day easily. They should be eaten preferably in the morning, as you will have all day to spend them. Invest in whole grain breads or fiber-rich breakfast cereals. 

Mediterranean diet success tip 4: Escape the fried foods

Fried foods tend to have a higher amount of saturated fats and large amounts of calories. Avoid eating meat, chicken or fried fish. Give preference to grilled and roasted foods, while vegetables prefer steamed or Sauteed vegetables. 

Mediterranean diet success Tip 5: Replace ready-made seasonings with herbs and spices

Ready-made and industrialized spices have a lot of sodium and chemical additives, in addition to altering the natural flavor of the food. Replace with fresh herbs and spices, which in addition to adding flavor to your food, are rich sources of vitamins, which can be planted and grown in small gardens at home, which in addition to being much healthier encourages children to eat better and in a healthier way. 

Mediterranean diet success Tip 6: Eat less and more often

Decreasing portion sizes is a fundamental part of any diet, as the portion sizes of each food are important factors that will guarantee or not the success of your diet. Eating in excessive portions, even if you eat the foods allowed by the diet, ends up having the opposite effects to those desired. Eat small portions, but at smaller intervals, such as every 3 hours. In addition to leaving us full for longer, this will increase our metabolism, which will guarantee us to lose weight. Skipping meals or eating at long intervals makes us eat more food than necessary, which contributes to weight gain. 

Mediterranean diet success Tip 7: Make a list and go to the supermarket with a full belly

Having a list of the foods we need to buy, will make us pay attention only to the items on the list, making us avoid buying prohibited products in our diet, such as industrialized ones, for example. Just pay attention to buy the products listed and escape the temptations. Another valuable tip for shopping is to go to the supermarket with a full belly, after a meal. When we are hungry, even if focused on healthy eating, we end up being tempted to eat other foods that are available to us at that moment. Going hungry through a candy showcase, for example, can become a torment, because the chance of falling into temptation is much greater. 

Mediterranean diet success Tip 8: Chew each food well and avoid distractions during meals

Chewing food calmly and several times helps in the process of digesting food, in addition to making us understand that we are already satisfied. Eating in a hurry tends to make us eat more, because while we take 2-3 mouthfuls, our brain thinks we only have 1 mouthful, so eating 1 mouthful and chewing it very well, will make us eat less and this ends up reflecting on the control of our weight. Avoiding distractions at mealtimes is also an important tip, because when we are distracted we end up eating more than necessary; try to eat your meal in front of the television one day and the next day to eat with the television off, you will find that you will have eaten more when you were watching your favorite program.

Mediterranean diet success Tip 9: Drink plenty of fluids

Staying hydrated is also super important for any diet, because when we are dehydrated our body tends to retain fluids and make us swollen, so always have a little bottle of water at your disposal. The volume of water intake varies according to several factors such as routine and physical exercise, however, this intake should be around 1.8L to 2L of water for sedentary people (involving little or no physical activity) and 3L for more active people, athletes and other extreme sports players tend to drink up to 5L of water per day. 

Mediterranean diet success Tip 10: Regular exercise

Regular exercise is an important aspect of the Mediterranean diet. Maintaining a walking or light running routine is of great importance for the success of those who are practicing this diet. In addition to giving us greater physical resistance, it helps in increasing metabolism, in blood circulation, prevents various cardiovascular diseases, and has the consequence of making us strong and fit.

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