Advantages and disadvantages of Sugar

sugar provides you with "empty calories", that is, calories without any other nutrient: without vitamins, without minerals, without fiber, without protein. 

what does too much sugar do to your body? health problems caused by sugar:

If you consume too much sugar or sugary products, you can have various problems. In the first place, sugar causes dental caries, especially if you take them several times a day, outside of meals, and if you consume their more viscous presentations, which stick to your teeth, such as chewing gum, gums, licorice, candy, soft drinks , sweets, etc. Second, sugar can lead to obesity. 

All natural sugars provide 4 calories per gram, and although there are several types, sucrose or refined table sugar is, perhaps, the best: it is cheap, it dissolves easily and quickly in water and its flavor does not leave bitter or salty traces in the mouth. Sugar also has a preservative effect on food, preventing many molds and bacteria from developing.

These characteristics have turned sugar into a product of habitual use, both in its pure form and through innumerable foods that the food industry offers us: cookies, pastries, soups, sauce, and many others; in such a way that its consumption has increased in recent years, replacing other foods with a higher nutritional value. Read the ingredients list well on the product labels: glucose, dextrose, fructose, honey, brown sugar, "syrup", cane sugar, they are other names and forms of sugar that you can find. All of them cause tooth decay and add calories to your diet.

  • Reduce or eliminate rich sources of sugar: candies, sweets, soft drinks.
  • Do not consume viscous varieties: chewing gum, gums, etc., especially between meals. 
  • In snacks, replace sugar-rich products (cakes, soft drinks) with more nutritious and less sugary ones (fruit, yogurt, ham, cheese sandwich, natural fruit juices.
  • Read the labels on packaged products well, choose foods that contain little or no sugar.

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