Benefits of drinking warm water Daily

Why You Should Start Your Day With a Glass of Warm Water

Don't be too hot when drinking fresh boiled water, generally 25-30℃ is suitable. Especially in summer, many people choose to drink ice water or cold drinks after a lot of sweating. Although it brings temporary comfort, after a large amount of drinking, the pores will not be drained smoothly, resulting in difficulty in cooling the body and the accumulation of residual heat, which is very likely to cause Heat stroke. 

After drinking a lot of salt water and sweating a lot, you will lose a lot of water and also lose more salt. The osmotic pressure in your body will also lose balance. At this time, the water you drink cannot be stored in the cells and will be discharged with sweat. 

Perspiration brings out salt, which leads to a vicious circle of drinking and thirst. In severe cases, it can also cause muscle weakness, pain and even convulsions. Therefore, in hot summer days, especially after a lot of sweating, you should drink light saline (a mixture of sodium chloride in wate). 

Health Tips: how much water to drink a day

The water requirement must depend on the environment, physical activity, physical health and food intake. There is no definite standard value. The general drinking water principle is: not less than 500 ml a day, but not more than 3 liters. People who need more water, such as gout and kidney stones, should follow the doctor's advice to replenish water.

How to Correctly boil the water and how long to boil water to kill bacteria? 

1. In the early morning, turn on the faucet, let the water drain for 5 to 10 seconds, then boil the water and boil it for drinking. Due to the secondary pollution of transmission and distribution pipelines and water storage tanks, it is not advisable to directly boil and drink water that has been stored in tap water pipelines for too long. The tap water can be used to clean floors or flush toilets. 

2. When the water is boiled to close to 100℃, the lid should be opened to allow some residual volatile organic compounds in the water to evaporate as soon as possible. 

3. The excreta of microorganisms in the water, especially the endotoxins released by pathogenic bacteria, cannot be killed at 100°C. The water should be kept boiling for two or three minutes before turning off the fire. 

Daily Water drinking time schedule and effects of drinking hot water daily 

1. Drinking Water at 6:30 AM in the morning: After a long night of sleep, the body is already short of water, so you should drink a glass (250 ml) of water after getting up to help the kidneys and liver detoxify. After drinking water, it is best to wait for half an hour before eating breakfast, so that the water can fully enter the cells for metabolism and help the body excrete metabolites. 

2. Drinking Water at 8:30 AM:  From getting up early in the morning to going to work is always very nervous, the body will be slightly dehydrated, so Don't rush to make coffee when you arrive at the office. You should drink a glass of boiling water first to relieve your body's water shortage. 

3. Drinking Water at 11:00 AM: After working in an air-conditioned environment for a period of time, you must remember to replenish yourself with a third glass of water, otherwise the dry indoor environment will cause many small fine lines on the skin, and the face appears dull. 

4. Drinking Water at 12:50 PM: This time is about half an hour away from most people's lunch time. At this time, drinking a glass of water can strengthen the body's digestive function, which is not only beneficial to health, but also helps maintain a good figure. 

5. Drinking Water at 3:00 PM: Drinking a large glass of water at this time, in addition to replenishing the water lost in the air-conditioned environment, also helps to keep the mind clear, and at the same time, the active information transmitted to the skin through the brain can make the skin look radiant. 

6. Drinking Water at 5:30 PM: Drink another glass of water before leaving the office after get off work, so that your skin will not dry and crack on the way home. If you want to lose weight, you can drink a few more glasses to increase satiety, thereby reducing the intake of food for dinner. 

7. Drinking Water at 9:00 PM: Drinking another glass of water 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed can replenish the water lost during sleep due to sweating. However, this glass of water should not be drunk too much or too late, otherwise eye bags will appear the next morning.

Final Health Tips Drinking Water Daily

In daily life, you should avoid drinking water that has been stored for a long time, repeated boiling water in drinking fountains, and steamer water such as steamed buns. 

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