Best facial massage techniques for women

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Massage introduction and benefits:

Massage is a therapy based on the theory of organs and meridians of traditional Chinese medicine.  Effective massage relax your body as well as your mind.It also helps in the absorption of various skin care products, massage promote blood circulation, and improve fat breakdown. Regular daily massage can make your skin younger everyday.

Health details professional facial massage

Requirements for facial massage:
For professional effective facial massage follow these steps before massage.

1. Deeply clean your skin before massage, be sure to thoroughly wash the skin, and then use the facial cleanser to wash away the dirt deep in the pores. 

2. Apply special creams to the massage area. If there is no cream or cream for massage, you can apply skin care products suitable for your skin. It is best to use products specifically for the eyes. 

3. For effective massage bathing is must before because after bathing, the blood circulation of the skin is in a very strong state. At this time, massage will make it easy for nutrients and moisture to penetrate deeply into the skin. 

Finally, massage with palms along the skin texture. Massage gently along the natural texture of the skin with the palm of your hand, Too much Force will cause fine lines to form.  Massage in a clockwise direction is easier to remove toxins or metabolites in the skin.

Other Health tips for massage

Apply massage cream or skin care products before massage, or apply olive oil for makeup. Gently rub with your hands for 1 minute until a slight heat sensation occurs. After the massage, you should wipe off the massage cream with a cotton pad or soft paper, then wash it off with warm water, then apply the lotion by massage, and finally apply a special nutrition cream.

Massage Tips and Techniques For Beginners

1. Eliminate wrinkles around the eyes:

  • Apply some skin cream around the eyes. 
  • Press the index fingers of both hands on both sides of the eyes, press the middle finger on the lower end of the eyebrows, and pull the skin and muscles toward the temples until the eyes feel tight. 
  • Close your eyes 6 times, let go and rest. Repeat 6 times.
2. Eliminate wrinkles on forehead:

  • Apply some skin cream on the forehead. 
  • Put your hands together, put your thumb in the middle of your forehead, move your hands up and down, and massage the muscles from your thumb to your wrist. 
  • Massage from one side of the forehead to the other in the same way, slowly back and forth 3 times, then relax and rest. Repeat 2 times.

3. Enhances lips elasticity:
Put the little finger of both hands on the corner of the mouth, ring finger under the cheekbones, the index finger or middle finger to the ear, apply pressure for 2 minutes. Repeat 2 times.

4. Toned chin:

  • Apply some skin cream on the chin. 
  • Use your right middle finger to start from the lower end of the left corner of the mouth, massage the left half of your chin vigorously, and do 10 times back and forth. 
  • Turn the direction, massage the right half of the chin with your left middle finger, and do 10 times back and forth. 
  • Use your fingers to push the chin up as far as possible, so that the lower lip is close to the upper lip, counting from 1 to 15, and relax.

5. Bodybuilding cheek muscles:

  • Apply some skin cream on the cheeks. 
  • Press your index finger or middle finger against your mouth, and then gently push it towards your nose.
  • Use your fingers to pull your cheeks toward the ears.

Conclusive Health tips for massage:

If you have acne or herpes on your face, it is best not to massage. If the massage is not careful, it will aggravate the condition. For severe skin allergies and severe sunburns, only light suction cup massage can be used, which can reduce the pulling on the skin and is more conducive to skin recovery.

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