Breast Cancer Prevention and Proactive Breast Wellness

You will learn how to protect your breast from cancer, Healthy breast diet, Tips to remove breast pain and how to take care of breast shape.

Breasts are a sign of women’s beauty, not every woman can enjoy the beauty and confidence brought by breasts. Women entering middle age are often troubled by breast diseases, and even life-threatening by breast cancer. Therefore, how to protect their breasts has become the first question for women. 

Health details Breast hyperplasia and breast cancer Mammary gland hyperplasia

commonly known as "lobular hyperplasia", is a common breast disease in women, especially in women aged 30-50 years. It is a degenerative lesion of breast tissue. The main symptoms are periodic breast tenderness, breast lumps, and symptoms of apathy, irregular menstruation, decreased physical strength, and frequent urination. The patient is emotionally irritable, irritable, and fearful. Although mammary gland hyperplasia is not a malignant tumor, malignant transformation may occur in the long term. 4% to 5% of mammary gland hyperplasia will evolve into breast cancer. Therefore, the 40-years old woman should prevent the occurrence of breast hyperplasia, but also timely treatment of breast disease to prevent cancer. 

Carcinogenesis (initiation of cancer formation) factors of breast hyperplasia 

Breast Hyperplasia is also called epithelial hyperplasia causing overgrowth of the cells. Carcinogenesis factors of mammary gland hyperplasia include:

Mammary gland hyperplasia that has not healed for many years; multiple abortions; commonly used hormone drugs or cosmetics; family history of breast cancer; not breastfeeding or breastfeeding for too long; obesity or excessive intake of fat; mental Depression, frequent anger, and bad mood; repeated or long-term exposure to various types of radiation; menarche or menopause late before the age of 13. 

Healthy Tips for breast Pain

Breast pain can be relieved by hot compresses, which can be done with hot packs, hot water bottles or hot baths. If cold and hot compresses are used alternately, the effect of eliminating breast discomfort will be better. For overweight women, weight loss will help relieve breast tenderness. 

Tips For Breast Health | Monthly breast self-examination 

1. Breast Inspection: 3 to 5 days after menstruation is clean is the best time to check the breasts. Take off your jacket and stand in front of the mirror. Raise your arms, palms behind your head, rotate your upper body to the left and right, and observe in various postures: whether the shape of the breast is different, whether the breast is symmetrical, whether the height of the double nipples is symmetrical, and whether the skin of the breast is orange peel-like Dimple-like changes, whether the nipple is indented and laterally inclined.

2. Breast Palpation: Lie flat on the bed and remove the pillow. Bend one arm and press the palm of your hand under your head. Use your fingers, middle finger, and ring finger to touch the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger outward from the nipple. Then touch the armpits and clavicle to see if there are any lumps. Next touch the other breast. Never grasp the breast with your hand, because grasping the hand will confuse the mass with the normal gland and cannot make a correct judgment.

3. Check the nipple: First observe whether the nipple is smooth, whether there is scaling, flushing, erosion, and then press the nipple with the index finger, middle finger, and thumb while pinching the nipple, and observe whether there is discharge from the nipple. In addition to the nipple area, the breast must also be pressed from all sides to see if secretions flow out. Be careful not to use excessive force. 

Best diet for Breast health

1. fruits For Breast Health: Fruits such as grapes, kiwis, lemons, strawberries, citruses, and figs contain not only multivitamins, but also anti-cancer and anti-cancer ingredients.

2.Vegetable for Breast Health: vegetables. Tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin, garlic, asparagus, cucumber, loofah, radish and green leafy vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, which have anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. 

3.Fungus For Breast Health:Edible fungi. Tremella mushrooms, black fungus, shiitake mushrooms, hericium erinaceus (Lion's mane), poria (China root), etc. are natural biological response modifiers, which can enhance the body's immune capacity and resistance, as well as a strong anti-cancer effect. 

4. Fish For Breath Health: Yellow croaker (fish), soft-shelled turtle, loach, octopus, octopus, squid, sea cucumber, oyster, kelp, sea melon seeds, etc. are rich in trace elements, which can protect the breast and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. 

5.  Milk and its products are not only beneficial to breast health, but also supplement calcium. 

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Final diet Health tips For Breast

High-fat foods, alcohol, caffeine, refined sucrose, and tobacco are the killers of female breast health and increase the risk of breast cancer. If there are breast diseases, then these are even more inseparable.

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