Effective Tips To Naturally Detox Your Body at home

If you are looking for how to remove toxins from body home remedies and how to remove toxins from body through feet then you are at the right place because in this health article i am going to show you 6 effective ways to naturally detox your body.

Detoxification is more important than Beauty. The old traditional Chinese medicine believes that the human body is toxic, and due to which your face is dull (lacking brightness, vividness, or sheen.), so detoxification first more important than beauty. The so-called "poison" is left after the greater part of the stool is removed in the intestine. Toxins left in the body can cause symptoms such as constipation, bloating, and irritability. Therefore, detoxification is an effective way to have beautiful and healthy skin.



1. A nutritious diet is the first choice to eat foods rich in dietary fiber: dietary fiber can remove the indigestible ingredients and metabolic waste contain in the food and keep the intestine very much clean. Foods that are rich in fiber include fresh vegetables and fruits, coarse grains, potatoes and so on. 

2. Remove toxic material from body eating more alkaline foods: One of important benefit of  alkaline foods is that it can neutralize acidic foods (Alkaline reach food has the power to make the acid ineffective) such as meat, sugar, and eggs, dissolve toxins in cells, and regulate the body's metabolism. 
Among alkaline foods, the recommended foods to eat are marine plants such as seaweed, kelp, and seaweed, preferably every two or three days. 

3. Remove toxic material from body by eating maximum fungus foods: Black fungus, mushrooms and other fungus foods contain more substances same as cleaning fluid, and have a great detoxification function. 

Fungus are eukaryotic  microorganisms suck yeasts, rusts, smuts, mildews,molds and mushrooms.

4. Remove toxic material from body using Drink more natural juices: Drink fresh juices and yogurt as much as possible.Drink one glass in morning for best and quick results. 

5. Remove toxic material from body Eating more fruits:
banana,kiwi,papaya,grape fruit and other such fruits have the effect to remove heat and to remove toxic substances out of your body.


The Hydrotherapy (Detoxification Therapy) can make your health better promoting body sweating and removal of toxic substances. Hydrotherapy will relax you mind and body. which is very suitable for working women with more stress.  In lunch time you can do rest and detox.


Exercise is best to improve oxygen in your body. Exercise accelerate waste elimination or removal, and exercise is best to your body's improve immunity. The body is comfortable after exercise, light and transparent from inside to outside, which is a manifestation of mild detoxification. Inhale fresh air as much as you can during exercise. A large amount of negative ions can clean the respiratory system and improve the body's antivirus ability.


Indoor plants can be placed to remove toxic substances out of body, including plants are: ivy, Chlorophytum (spider plant or airplane plant), cactus and so on. 

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Regularly opened windows helps to maintain air circulation in room etc, change curtains and carpets frequently, and improve the environment to minimize the inclusion of toxic substances.


The detox Yoga can help in detoxification, a short method for detox yoga is discussed below. Steps involve in detox Yoga are Given below.

1. Prone, hands on both sides of the body. Bend your elbows, put your palms under your shoulders, and put your face on the ground. Straighten your legs together, your shoulders sink, and you feel your shoulder blades sink into your back. 

2. Inhale, slowly raise your head, contract your back muscles, and then lift your upper body without using force. 

3. Exhale, hold your upper body with both hands, and keep your back contracted. Straighten the neck, lift the head, and stare at the tip of the nose. At this time, the legs should be stretched as hard as possible, keeping the neck, back and spine in a straight line, and the thighs should not leave the ground. Keep this position and breathe 3 to 6 times. 

4.Hands slowly prop up the body, kneel backwards and sit on the heels, then lean forward slowly until the forehead falls on the floor and the arms stretch forward. Keep this position relaxed and rest, breathing 3 to 6 times.


Drinking Herbal tea has different effects on body. Drinking one cup of herbal tea everyday can clean the toxic substances in body and remove the unclean substances gather together in the body for a long time.

1. Green tea can inhibit the bacteria that cause intense gastrointestinal disease (digestion problems), Green tea antioxidant effect is 100 times higher than vitamin C. 

Gastrointestinal Disease: (also called the GI tract desease)

2. Burdock (plant) helps to remove uric acid out of  body and excrete toxins (
poisonous substances) from the liver and kidneys. 

3. Dandelion root has outstanding detoxification power, and  has a beneficial effect on the liver and gallbladder, and can make better blood circulation in the body.

4. Psyllium has lubricating and adhesion effects, and can remove toxins, and has the effect of cleaning intestines.

Negative emotions and feelings can also effect your body

Keeping your mind at peace is necessary for body and mind health. 
Whenever negative emotions occur, such as fear, anger, jealousy, or depression, the body will secrete highly toxic chemicals that damage the body and then damages the function of the digestive system. These are also extremely bad "poisons" that need to be faced. Therefore, you should maintain a peaceful state of mind and sleep time much be 7-8 hours daily.

  • For detoxification (Removing toxic or poisonous substances out of your body) you need to eat some coarse grains including (i) corn (ii) potatoes and (iii) pumpkin.
  • It is recommended to Eat more vegetables and fruits, such as celery, leeks, spinach, bananas and persimmons. 
  • Last bus not the least avoid eating the spicy foods.

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