Exercise myths and misconceptions

In this post you will about Common Misconceptions About Exercise, Healthy Tips Anaerobic exercise, How to eat after exercise and Essentials of Exercise.

Exercise can enhance various functions of the human body and make your body healthier. The pursuit of beauty is not just the rights of young people but a 40 years plus women can still make themselves more charming and more confident through exercise.

Misunderstanding of sports

If you enter the misunderstanding of sports, fitness will become a bodily injury. So, what are the misunderstandings in sports? 

Health details Misunderstanding of sports

Misunderstanding #1: Genderize (Gender distinction) fitness exercises: 

When it comes to going to the gym, people naturally think of equipment fitness and aerobics. However, most people associate these two forms of sports with gender, and believe that equipment training is a man’s thing, and aerobics is a female patent. This is actually a misunderstanding. 

From the perspective of exercise physiology, men and women are almost the same in sports anatomy and energy metabolism, so the results of a variety of beneficial exercise forms for men and women are basically the same. Men can also improve cardiopulmonary function, enhance endurance quality, improve flexibility and coordination like women by performing aerobics; while women use various equipment for general muscle load training, they will also improve basic physical qualities such as strength, endurance and speed. . 

Misunderstanding #2: You can lose weight by sweating a lot: 

In the gym, we can see that many women who dance in aerobics wear one-piece bodysuits and keep beating, letting them sweat a lot, and they can’t stop drinking water.They think that the sweat that comes out of body, finally comes to nothing after drinking water. In fact, this is unscientific. It is easy to cause dehydration and collapse when people do not add water in time when a lot of sweating, and simple sweating can only reduce the water in the body, and can not reduce fat. Only a moderate amount of equipment training can effectively reduce fat.

Misunderstanding # 3 Reduce fat wherever you practice:

In fitness training, most women are more concerned about how to lose abdominal fat. It is always believed that only abdominal muscles can reduce abdominal fat, but this is not the case. It is known from training practice that reasonable and appropriate equipment training can effectively carry out anaerobic metabolism and aerobic metabolism to achieve the purpose of reducing fat. 

The so-called reasonable refers to the scientific method of balanced training of muscles in various parts of the body, rather than simply training a certain part of the muscles. The so-called moderate refers to the moderate amount of exercise completed in each training.  Only by scientifically arranging training we can get satisfactory results. 

Healthy Tips Anaerobic exercise is a power exercise

During the whole exercise, the human body inhales less oxygen than needed. Its characteristics are: high exercise intensity, strong explosive force, and short duration. Weightlifting, high jump, sprint, throwing, etc. are all anaerobic exercises. 

1. Appropriate amount of exercise can restore calmness within half an hour after exercise, and heart rate, breathing rate and emotional state can be restored to the level before exercise.

2. After exercise, You will feel full of energy, and have no sleepiness. 

3. The amount of exercise reaches the level of sweating or sweating. Not sweating means that the amount of exercise is not enough, and sweating heavily means that the amount of exercise is too much. 

4. After morning exercise, the appetite for breakfast is very good and the amount of food increases, otherwise it means excessive exercise. 

5. Through morning training, physical fitness is enhanced and work efficiency is improved. Fitness people should add a "end" to the exercise, that is, relax after exercise. Some other recommended exercise tips are given blow.
  • Slow down the rhythm and continue to exercise for a few minutes at a lower intensity. 
  • Do stretching exercises for about 10 minutes, each movement is maintained for 15 to 30 seconds. 
  • Soak in warm water at 30-40℃ after exercise to calm the nervous system and accelerate the elimination of fatigue. 
How to eat after exercise

1. Replenish liquid first, drink some water or fruit juice, in order to suppress the excessive appetite.
2. If you still feel hungry, you can sit down and eat calmly, with the principle of not feeling full.

Final Healthy Tips: safety precaution while performing exercise

People are working in a highly efficient state when they are strenuously exercising. If they suddenly stop strenuous exercise, the heart still outputs a lot of blood, but the blood flowing back to the heart is greatly reduced, causing temporary anemia in the brain and blackening in front of the eyes. , Dizziness, nausea, vomiting and even fainting, so gradually reduce the amount of exercise after vigorous exercise and slowly stop.

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