Genetic differences between male and female

The world is changing rapidly with the development of the times, The material life of people is becoming richer and richer, and new concepts and ideas are emerging one after another. But no matter how it changes, the difference between men and women can never be changed. To understand why he is so and why she is so, you need to understand the differences between men and women.

Differences in terms of bones 
In terms of bones, men and women have different bone structures. Due to the width of the shoulders and narrow hips, men must add some movements, such as shaking their shoulders, when stepping. And because the pelvis is wider, the woman must twist her waist while walking, so she will show a graceful posture when walking. 

In terms of height, men's height is usually 5 percent higher than women's. 

physiological differences between male and female 

As far as the brain is concerned, there is a greater difference between men and women. 

According to the research of today's brain science, even if the brain has exactly the same level of intelligence, there are obvious differences in the ratio of gray matter (contains the neuronal cells) to white matter (paler tissue of the brain and spinal cord affects learning and brain functions) in certain areas of the male and female brains. The gray matter in the male brain is 15% less than that of the female, and this gray matter dominates human thinking, and also directly affects the differences in psychology and behavior between men and women. 
The so-called gray matter is mostly nerve cell bodies, that is, the "structural basis" of the brain that specifically guarantees the processing of information. The white substance is the brain, and the synapses in the brain's neurons are mainly responsible for transmitting information. 

The researchers also found that there are other differences between the structure of male and female brains, and these differences reveal the main characteristics of their behavior. For example, when completing a logical task, the cerebral cortex of the female forehead will move first, because this is the control center of behavior, emotion and language. Experts believe that this is enough to explain why women are so excited and emotional when making decisions. The male logical center is first and foremost connected to the areas responsible for processing external signals. Because of this, scientists believe that men are more inclined to weigh various factors and make reasonable decisions after full consideration. 

Psychology Experts, said: "In any case we would not say that women have lower or higher intelligence than men. But the fact is that there is a principle between the structure of the male brain and the structure of the female brain Even though men and women are equally efficient at solving the same tasks they face, they have adopted very different approaches.

Not only that, the difference between men and women is also reflected in psychological quality, behavior, personality characteristics and so on. 

Distribution of fat 

Men and women also differ in the distribution of fat. Men have much less fat than women, and men lack the layer of fat that women adhere to just below their skin. While men have more muscles, men have 41% of muscles and women have only 35%; when exerting force, 90% of men’s weight will be converted into strength, while women only have 50%. . Men are more likely to lose weight because their fat ratio is less than muscle. 

In addition, men have about 20% more red blood cells than women, so men's blood is thicker than women's. Red blood cells are cells containing heme or haem (forms the non-protein part of haemoglobin and some other biological molecules) , which can transport oxygen to the parts needed to make people produce energy. The reason why men need red blood cells more than women is because men cannot make blood quickly, which is why men have greater risks than women when performing surgery. 

Communication Based differences 

The difference between men and women is not only manifested in physical characteristics, but also in communication. In daily life, men are more willing to hide themselves, and they are often reluctant to tell others their true thoughts. Women, on the other hand, are more inclined to talk to others; men want to take the initiative when they talk, so men often interrupt others when they talk. Women are more able to understand others and listen better. 

Differences in terms of sex

In terms of sex, men hope that women have as much interest and feelings as they do, and men will not reduce their libido (overall sexual desire) because of trivial problems in life; women, on the contrary, no matter how small the details, will affect the woman’s sexual desire.

Work Based differences

Men tend to be satisfied with his work achievements, while women will influence their emotions because of other people’s opinions, and are often satisfied with being needed by others; men value their careers more and will continue to struggle for their careers, while women will Feelings are the focus of life, and often put feelings before career. 

Dreams Based differences

Men often live in strange environments in their dreams, and the people they contact are all strangers. In the dreams of women, the probability of dreaming of acquaintances, relatives, and friends is relatively high. Psychologists point out that the content of this dream is consistent with real life, because men's sense of security comes from society, and women's sense of security comes from family. 

After marriage, men will still keep in touch with their pre-marriage friends, while women's contact with friends after marriage will be significantly reduced. 

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