Hair Loss Prevention Tips to Help Save Your Hair Naturally

Hair Loss or hairfall prevention naturally and Simple Home Remedies To Prevent Hair Thinning. Here some natural ways are discussed that will  Keep you away from thinning hair and hair loss.  You will natural methods of hair loss prevention and some home made remedies as well.

Most women used to have long hair and dense hair, but hair loss began to appear in middle age. The nutrition of hair comes from blood. Even though the changes in hair are normal metabolism, but through certain means we can effectively prevent hair loss and treat hair loss.

Hair Loss Prevention Tips to Help Save Your Hair Naturally

The quality of hair is directly related to the rise and fall of kidney Qi (kidney energy). A person having enough kidney energy is full of energy, blood and blood flow as a result hair growth is strong and a person with low kidney energy will have weak body  and sick, consequently the hair becomes white, dry, shed, and dull.

1. Balanced meal (Hair Loss Prevention Tips)

Paying attention to fair nutrition and balanced diet is beneficial to health and longevity(long life) and also prevents hair loss naturally. 
For example, soybeans, protein-rich fish, shellfish, eggs, rich in trace elements of seaweed (sea vegetable), lean meat,  and vitamin B2, vitamin B6 spinach, asparagus, bananas, liver, etc., all help in hair loss and longevity.

2. Relieve stress (Hair Loss Prevention Tips):

Mental stress is one of the primary causes of hair loss, so don't let the stress to increase. Organize a specific rest time each day and take an interest in proper physical exercise to relieve stress and eliminate troubles. Simultaneously, to guarantee sufficient rest, soak your feet with heated water before sleeping, this won't just guarantee the energetic the next day, but also additionally helpful for the maintenance of hair.

3. Keep your scalp clean (Hair Loss Prevention Tips)
The scalp is the "soil" for hair growth. Dirty scalp will not only cause hair loss, but also create problems for new hair to grow, so you must keep your scalp clean. Choose a shampoo that is best for you. The water should not be too hot or too cold when you wash your hair. Just wash your hair with warm water once a day or every other day.

4. Avoid excessive damage (Hair Loss Prevention Tips)

Blowing hair , perming and hair dyeing will cause certain damage to the hair because of using hair dye and perm will make the hair loss, decrease hair luster and hair elasticity. 
Blowing hair , perming and hair dyeing can turn your hair yellow and dry. 
Ultraviolet rays of sun can also damage hair and make you hair Yellow and dry. So you should keep away from the sun as much as possible. 
Additionally, both warm and cold air-conditioning can cause hair loss and gray hair.

5. Combing hair daily (Hair Loss Prevention Tips)
Combing hair 100 times every morning will not only improve blood circulation to the scalp, but also make the hair gap well ventilated. Additionally, the distribution lines must be changed regularly . If the distribution line remains in the same place, then It will cause the distribution line parts to be dried by the sun, resulting in thinning hair.

6. Head massage (Hair Loss Prevention Tips): 

Spray 20ml of vitamin B1 solution on the head and do your head massage properly. You can learn proper head massage on YouTube.

Home Remedies To Stop Hair Fall

1. Saline solution:
Material: 10 grams of table salt, 1000 ml of warm boiling water.
Method: Take the salt and add it to the warm boiled water to stir, and wash your hair with salt water. 2 times a week.
Efficacy: This method is used for a long time to prevent hair loss.

2. Plantain hair growth solution
Material: Plantain 200 grams, appropriate amount of rice vinegar. Method: Baked plantain into charcoal, dipped in rice vinegar, and applied it to the hair loss area a week later. 2 times a day. 
Efficacy: Long-term use can treat hair loss.

3. Shouwu Hair Growth Solution
Material: Polygonum multiflorum (plant) 20 grams, Rehmannia glutinosa (plant) 20 grams, fresh willow branch 40 grams, black sesame stem 40 grams. 
Method: boil the above herbs with water, wash your head while hot, then cover the hair loss area with a dry towel for about 30 minutes and 2 times a week. 
Efficacy: Long-term use can treat hair loss.

Hair Loss Prevention other Health Tips

Use conditioner for shampooing hair and and wash off you hair with clean water when shampooing. you can gradually adjust the water from warm to slightly warm, and finally adjust it to cold water, because cold water can close the pores, have a convergence effect, and make the scalp healthier.

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