Health Tips: benefits of morning exercise before breakfast

In article you will learn about benefits of morning exercise before breakfast, Disadvantages of sleeping after morning exercise, Scientific morning exercises tips, Rest method after morning exercises.

Importance of Morning Exercises

One year's plan is spring, and one day's plan is morning. Increasing trends of fitness, morning exercise attracts most women over 40 with its unique charm. The morning exercises includes: Joints exercises, breathing fresh air. These morning exercises can prevent the occurrence and development of menopausal syndrome. 

Health details Why do you fall asleep after morning exercise? 

Fasting during morning exercises: After exercise, the sugar in the body is consumed, resulting in decrease blood sugar and tiredness/lack of energy. Therefore, it is best to eat a small amount before morning exercises to add some sugar and protein. But don't drink sugary drinks (such as orange juice etc) immediately after morning exercises. Sugary drinks will cause excessive secretion of insulin, resulting in a sudden drop in blood sugar, leading to dizziness. 

Irregular morning exercises: The activities of human organs have a certain regularity, and people who often do not exercise occasionally will feel tiredness. If you insist on morning exercises to form a new biological rhythm, tiredness will gradually disappear. If you still feel tired, your physical fitness may be weak. At this time, you should decrease the amount of exercise and focus on exercises such as walking slowly. 

Reasons for not being able to make up after morning exercises 

As Compared with young people, middle-aged people sleep less and have more sleep disturbances. Sleeping after morning workout disrupts the normal working and rest rules to a certain extent, and makes the brain's circadian clock disorder, which makes people sleep well during the day and cannot sleep at night. 

After morning exercises, cardiopulmonary function will improve, which is helpful to the prevention of coronary heart disease, hypertension, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease and other diseases. But after the morning exercise, the heart beats increases, the breathing and circulation becomes faster, and the brain Being in a state of excitement makes it hard for people to fall asleep, and it is not good for cardiopulmonary function recovery after falling asleep. 

After morning exercise, there will be a lot of metabolic products in the body, such as lactic acid produced by muscles. If you go back to sleep at this time, it is not conducive to the excretion of metabolites, but it makes people feel limbs relaxed and uncomfortable. Additionally a lot of heat is produced in the body after morning exercise, and sweating often occurs after morning exercises. If after morning exercises you go back to sleep can cause cold because of the large temperature difference. 

Morning Exercises Healthy Tips

Morning exercises can promote the metabolism of all organs in the body resulting in increased excitability of the nervous system, which makes the limbs flexible and active in thinking, and sleeping "back to sleep" will be counterproductive. If you do some relaxation exercises after morning exercises, you will be able to feel comfortable and energetic throughout the day. 

Scientific morning exercises tips

1. Eat slightly before morning exercises.
Before morning exercises, you should eat some food, such as two slices of bread, or a glass of milk. 
2. Choose the right morning exercises time. Morning exercises are best done after the sun rise, because pollutants accumulate in the air at night. After the sun comes out, these pollutants are diluted and decomposed, and the air quality will be relatively better. 
3. Choose a suitable morning exercises method: Commonly, morning exercises includes light sports, such as walking, jogging, walking and running, dancing, playing badminton, etc. 
4. Master scientific morning exercise: The morning exercise time should usually be controlled within 20 to 60 minutes, and it can be done 5 times a week. 
5. Perseverance of Morning Exercises: Any physical exercise will only be effective if you insist on it, so you can formulate a morning exercises plan for yourself and conduct regular and effective morning exercises. 

Rest method after morning exercises 

  • After morning exercise, it is better to sit down and eat breakfast as usual. 
  • Then read the newspaper for a while and listen to the radio. After
  • Reintegrate into normal life or work, which will make you feel comfortable and energetic. 

Avoiding the sleepiness after morning exercises 

  • The amount of morning exercises should increase from small to large, and increase gradually.
  • Develop scientific habits and rest habits, do not sleep late without any reason. 
  • When implementing the morning exercises plan, there must be a certain degree of mobility and flexibility, that is to adjust the amount of morning exercises at any time according to the work, study, physical strength and sleep conditions of the previous day. 

Morning exercises Health Tips 

You should avoid morning exercises in the woods to avoid carbon dioxide poisoning; if it is a foggy day, you should not do morning exercises outdoors, specifically in a thick foggy day.

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