How much preparation for menopause | Natural Ways to Reduce Symptoms of Menopause

How much happiness In menopause, women experience a series of physical and psychological changes in life. Most people can go through menopause steadily, but there are also a few people who are troubled by a series of symptoms due to large changes in their physiology and psychology.  So 40 years woman should strengthen her self-care and prepare for the smooth passage of this period. 

Health details: What is menopause? 

Female menopause is a transition period from sexual maturity to old age in a woman's life, characterized by the gradual decline of ovarian function to complete disappearance. The age of onset of menopause varies from person to person, generally starting at 40 years old and lasting about 20 years. 

Stages of Menopause
Menopause is divided into three stages. (1)  premenopause (2) menopause and (3) postmenopause. At present, the beginning time of female menopausal symptoms has been advanced by an average of 5 years, and some people even have menopausal symptoms in their early 30 years. The reason is mainly due to the fast pace of life of modern women, the pressure of work, and the frequency of miscarriages.

Menopausal Syndrome 

Menopausal associated symptoms refers to the syndrome of various organ systems caused by mental, psychological, neurological, endocrine and metabolic changes in menopause. The menopausal symptoms of a 40-year-old woman include: pigmentation, sagging, dullness of the skin, irregular menstruation, sagging breasts, dryness of the vulva, decreased libido, insomnia, dreaminess, irritability, decreased energy and energy, memory loss, osteoporosis, etc. 

The decline of kidney and ovarian function plays a decisive role in the process of women's aging changes. The two are closely related and are indispensable. Therefore, no single kidney or a nest can basically achieve the purpose of anti-aging and beauty. Experts unanimously believe that only by replenishing the kidney and raising the nest at the same time can really solve the premature aging of women and delay aging. 

Experts believes that the treatment should be based on spleen and kidney, as well as relieving liver energy, rationalizing emotions, reducing appetite, working hard, and being cautious. The dietary treatment, which mainly focuses on nourishing the heart and spleen and nourishing the kidney, not only has a good effect, but also strengthens the physique. 

Healthy Tips: 
The incidence of cancer in menopausal women is increased, and gynecological malignant tumors are often not early when they are discovered, so regular gynecological examinations should be done to achieve the purpose of early prevention and treatment of tumors.

Living arrangements for menopause 

Follow the following instructions for Comprehensive Management of Menopause and Live Better With Menopause.

1. Strengthen physical exercise: Physical exercise is the most effective means to promote health and maintain vitality. The 40-year-old woman should take time to do some physical exercises, such as jogging, and yoga, etc. At the same time, pay attention to the combination of work and rest to ensure adequate sleep. 

2. Reasonable meal: Supplement foods rich in vitamins, such as milk, eggs, meat, beans, fruits, whole grains, fish, etc. 40-year-old women should maintain good eating habits: not partial eclipse, thickness and thickness; do not overeating, eat on time; eating should be light, drink plenty of water.

3. Maintain good emotions: Menopausal symptoms are closely related to mental stress, because mental stress can cause dysfunction of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, thereby inducing or aggravating the disease. To maintain a psychological balance, have an optimistic mood, open-minded to face age and life. 

4. More brains: Hyperactivity brain can increase the connection of nerve cells, increase conditioned reflex, and continue to strengthen, so the response is more sensitive. Exercise the brain has good stimulation to the central nervous system and endocrine, can improve brain metabolism, active oxidation process, is the best way to actively rest the brain. 

5. Pay attention to dressing up: Proper attire and good manners will make people more confident and happy. Menopausal women When dressing up, you will show yourself the beauty of maturity and benefit your body and mind. 

6. Moderate sex life: Moderate sex life is very good for good health and improving quality of life. Menopausal women can go to the gynecological clinic of the hospital to choose appropriate lubricants to reduce the discomfort of sexual life. 

Healthy Diet For Menopause

1. Chixiaodou Japonica Rice Porridge 

Material: Aduki Bean 30 grams, barley 30 grams, japonica rice 30 grams, 10 red dates. 
Method: Wash red beans and red dates separately, add barley and japonica rice together to cook porridge, and eat them daily. 
Efficacy: Prevent or reduce menopausal limb edema and joint pain. 

2. Wheat Licorice Red Date Drink 

Material: 30 grams of wheat, 10 grams of licorice, 10 red dates. Method: Wash the red dates and remove the pits, add wheat and licorice into the pot and fry them together. Take one serving each morning and evening. 
Efficacy: Suitable for those with hot flashes, sweating, irritability, palpitations, depression and irritability before and after menopause. 

Final Menopause Diet Health tips

Menopause diet should be less "three whites", namely sugar, salt, lard; more "three blacks", namely black sesame, mushrooms, black rice. Regular consumption of kelp and river fish can reduce the rate of death of brain cells.

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