how should one enjoy loneliness and overcome loneliness

Men and women are easy to be lonely

Men are suspicious by nature, like competition, have poor self-control ability, have a sense of prevention, and are good at hiding themselves. This is because the social environment affects the behavior and thinking of men, making them like a real man. Women should be open, honest, cooperative, and more sacrificing. They are good at expressing their feelings, knowing that they don’t have to always be in control. This is why when men and women encounter problems at the same time, they are confused by each other's reactions.

According to legend, the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates loved to think, usually did not like to talk, and did not want others to interrupt his thinking. But his wife is always chattering, and whenever she talks to him, he always ignores it, because he wants to make a breakthrough in academic research. Socrates' wife often furious for this.

Once, she lost his temper to him , and Socrates still ignored it. As he continued his thinking, he walked out of the house indifferently. When he walked out of the door, his wife poured a bucket of water from upstairs, turning him into a chicken. Socrates just silently took out his handkerchief, wiped the water off his body, and said to himself: "I knew that there would be sweet rain after the Thunder."

Socrates understands that women often express emotions on their faces, so he wiped off the water on his body calmly. Women often cry when they are sad and laugh when they are happy. When encountering annoying things, women like to tell these things to friends. When they are angry, women will choose to vent; but men are different. Whether they are happy or sad, men can restrain these emotions. Socrates deserves to be a great philosopher of the generation. He understands that his wife is just a momentary vent. After all, men and women express their feelings differently.

Indeed, men's pursuit of women is often to get rid of the inherent loneliness. But the paradox is that when love comes, men and women show too much difference. The woman say, I gave you everything; the man say, I can't bear it, you make me afraid. The woman say that loving someone is without reservation; the man say , I don’t want to change for you, and you don’t have to change for me. As a result, men who get too much become more and more lonely, and women who give too much become more and more lonely.

In fact, love was originally a very lonely thing, like a cigarette sandwiched between fingers. Additionally short moments of burning, its origin is an unknown corner, only to wait for a hand to pick it up; its destination is the empty gray smoke, like the death of life, passing away At that moment, it is still lonely.

So, how should one enjoy loneliness and overcome loneliness?

First of all, it should be realized that loneliness is not terrible, what is terrible is that you are not interested in anything. If you are able to love and delve into something, you will have no time for loneliness. If you have experienced true loneliness, and you have used your own strength to overcome loneliness, and found your own way, with your own creation and achievements, then you can believe that loneliness is not scary as you were thinking, because it has an incentive effect on you. Secondly, to endure loneliness, learn to get along with loneliness.

Once a person is lonely for a long time, it is easy to think about what is wrong. The more confused and troubled you are, and the more materialistic it is, the closer it is to your relationship. This will test how you can grasp yourself and not give it a chance. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the purity of the bottom of the heart, to be quiet and secure, and to be alert to the temptation, to make noises, to be idle, to be quiet, to be impatient. This is also very important to form a dynamic personality and habit of yourself.

In short, treating loneliness negatively is not a positive life. Only when you are good at getting along with loneliness and overcoming loneliness is a life of high praise.

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