How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes Naturally

In this blog post you will learn how to get rid of under eye bags permanently without surgery, home remedies for eye bags, and bags under eyes causes.

Eye bags (Bags under eyes or mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes) are the most annoying thing for many women. Once formed, they will not leave, but also increase.  Bags under eyes affects the beauty of face appearance, but also makes people look old and haggard. With the increase of age, it is impossible to completely avoid the formation of Bags under eyes, but as long as you pay more attention, it is completely possible to delay the appearance and aggravation of Bags under eyes.

The cause of eye bags Health details:
The thickness of the eye skin is only 1/3 of the skin of the cheeks. The density of collagen fibers and elastic fibers is lower than other parts, so it is very easily damage and sensitive. Eye skin is also particularly soft, there are gaps between collagen fibers, water easily accumulates in the dermis (layer of skin), so it is prone to puffiness (swelling around the eyes).

Due to factors such as regular blinking and aging, the dermis and muscles around the eyeball will become more fragile. When it cannot support fat, it will bulge under the eye and form a pouch. Some people's eye muscles are too strong, protruding around the eyelids to form eye bags. Genetic factors are also one of the reasons for the formation of eye bags (Bags under eyes).

Ways to prevent eye bags | Remove troubles under the eyes
  • The skin around the eyes is very weak. Be sure to apply makeup and  removing makeup carefully, and avoid pulling the skin forcibly. 
  • When drawing the eyeliner, the principle is not to pull the eyelid. 
  • When washing your face, it is better to wipe the skin around your eyes with cotton than with a rough towel. Do not pull down the eyelids when wearing contact lenses, but gently raise the eyelids.
  • Don't get into the bad habit of squinting your eyes, blinking your eyes, wiping your eyes. Wear sunglasses when the sun is strong. Drink plenty of water every day, but do not drink too much water at night.

    More Ways to prevent eye bags | Remove troubles under the eyes

    1. Apply eye cream sooner or later:
    Best time for eye cream use is morning time with firming effect, and moisturizing eye cream that can replenish moisture at night. Makeup remover for eye makeup remover.

    2. Regular Eyelids Massage:
    Regular massage of the eyelids gently can improve blood circulation. When applying makeup, the color of the eye shadow should be consistent with the color of face, and do not paint bright colors. The recommended time to use eye cream is 1 week after the menstruation. Use eye cream when taking a bath, after exercising, and before going to sleep.

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    Prevent eye bags with Eye swelling massage 

    1. Press the upper part of the eye socket with the middle finger and ring finger, repeat 3 times from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye. 
    2. Use the ring finger to slide from the end of the eye to the corner of the eye in a small circle, repeat 5 times. 
    3. Use your ring finger to start from the corner of the lower eyelid and press in a counterclockwise direction in a small circle. 
    4. Extend the pressure to the temple, increase the pressure slightly and stay for 3 seconds, repeat 3 times.

    Prevent Eye bags using Tea Eye Mask Method 

    Method: 1. Wrap the green tea into small packets and put them in the refrigerator or cold water to cool. 
    2. Apply vitamin E around the eyes, then put the cooled green tea bag on the eyes. 

    Efficacy: Prevent wrinkles around the eyes, relieve eye fatigue, and Bags under eyes

    Prevent Eye bags using Chrysanthemum eye mask method 

    Method: Follow these three steps:
    • Put a proper amount of dried chamomile flowers into a large cup with handle, pour boiling water and set to cool, then filter into a sterilized jar, and put it in the refrigerator to cool. 
    • When applying, first soak the lint pad in herbal tea, then squeeze it a bit, and apply it on the eyes for 15-20 minutes. 
    • Use your fingertips to gently press along the cheekbones, so that the eye mask can further function (this eye mask can be kept in the refrigerator for several days). 

    Efficacy: relieve eye fatigue and eliminate puffiness. 

    Prevent Eye bags using Milk eye mask method

    Method: Follow these 2 steps:
    • Place the skimmed milk in the refrigerator and freeze it. 
    • First apply vitamin E around the eyes, then apply cotton wool or gauze to the eyes. 

    Efficacy: Remove eye bags, moisturize the skin around the eyes, improve the condition of dry eyes and dull skin around the eyes. 

    Prevent Eye bags final tip
    Women's estrogen or oestrogen (primary female sex hormone)  production is most strong one week after the end of the Menstruation. At this time, eye mask can make the nutrients absorbed the most, and the eye skin improves most rapidly. If you use an eye mask while soaking in a bathtub, your body is in a relaxed state at this time, and the water vapor maximizes the opening of the pores, and the absorption of nutrients will be best.

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