Lower Back Pain Causes and How to Get Rid of lower Back Pain?

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Many women and men feel that their body is not as good as they were in the past, especially when they suffer from low back pain. In fact, of all chronic pain patients, low back pain accounts for the highest proportion, and has become a major threat to health. 

Health details Of low Back Pain:  Causes of lower back pain

1. Long-term poor posture: Incorrect sitting, standing and sleeping positions, improper or excessive exertion, long hours of desk work, etc., can hurt the back. Most of the muscles in the back of the human body are in passive elongation to maintain the balance and coordination of human movement, so its degree of fatigue (extreme mental or physical exertion tiredness)  can be imagined. Long-term tension and fatigue can caused damage to muscle fibers, resulting in various discomforts in the back, such as acid, swelling, pain, and numbness. 

1. Gynecological diseases in women: Menstruation disease, vaginal disease, pregnancy disease, gynecological diseases, and sequelae of birth control surgery, etc., can all be incentives for low back pain. Therefore, when back pain occurs, you should not just stare at the waist. 

2. Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a disease of  porous bone which affect the density and quality of bone. Decreased bone density will cause the spine to gradually collapse, and those who feel light will feel backache, and those who are severe will cause hunchback and shorter height.

Health tips Treatment of low back pain and  strengthen the lower back 

1. Exercise therapy:
Exercise can increase the softness, strength, endurance of the muscles and the flexibility of the joints, help prevent or eliminate back pain, and is also an effective method for the treatment of back pain. Currently the best lightweight exercises are Lower back rotational stretches, Bridges , Knee-to-chest stretches, Cat stretches,  and swimming. 

2. Pushing therapy: Massage massage helps to release or reduce stress in the body and mind, soothe tense muscles, so it is also one of the important methods to eliminate backache. 

3. Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy includes electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, light therapy and cold and hot compress therapy, which must be carried out in cooperation with doctors and physical therapists. 

4.Drug therapy:Drugs include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, etc. However, everyone has different tolerances for drugs, and they must communicate well with the doctor to choose the right drug and dosage according to their personal conditions. 

Healthy Tips Exercise tips for Lower back pain

When sweeping or mopping the floor, there will be bending movements. At this time, you can choose to use a longer handle on the tool, and try to use elbow joint movements instead of bending. Bathe in warm water for 15 minutes. Add some hot spring powder, bath oil or essential oil to the water to reduce the backache. 

Correction of bad postures to relief low back pain

1. Correct sitting posture: The seat is preferably hard and has a backrest that can support the lower back. Keep your upper body straight while sitting, keeping your back straight and your shoulders relaxed naturally. With your feet flat on the ground, your knee joint is slightly higher than your hip joint. Avoid sitting in the same posture for too long, get up and move every hour.

 2. The correct stance: When standing, your feet are parallel and the same width as the pelvis, so that the weight of the three points on the sides of the heel and forefoot are equal. The knee joint should not be too straight, and the hips should flex slightly (ie, the hips should protrude slightly backwards). The upper body relaxes and stands upright. You can often do this: the waist and back stand upright against the wall, with the principle that you can’t reach between the lumbar spine and the wall, and then gradually flex your hips and knees. 

3. Correct sleeping position: It is best to use a flat and solid mattress. When lying down, relax the muscles of the whole body, and pillows can be placed under the knee. When lying on your side, your knees are slightly flexed, and a soft pillow can be sandwiched between them. This will allow the lower back muscles to get sufficient rest during sleep. 

low back pain prevention exercises techniques | Exercises for Back Pain | physiotherapy exercises for lower back pai

Rowing low back pain prevention exercise

1. The body is straight, and your feet are open. 

2. Hip lean forward, lean down, and raise your chest, look up, and raise your hands forward, such as grabbing the boat's sculls. 

3. Move your hands from front to back, such as rowing, 50 times. Once a night, it is a comprehensive exercise for the cervical spine, thoracic spine, and back muscles, which can relieve the back pain of middle-aged and elderly people. 

Simple gymnastics low back pain prevention exercise

1. Both feet are parallel, the shoulder width is the same as the shoulder width, and head-up. Both arms sag naturally, palms stick to the seam of the pants, fingers open naturally. Lift your heels and breathe 9 times in a row. 

2. Heel landing, inhale, slowly bend your knees and squat, the back of both hands gradually forward. When the tiger's mouth is opposed to the ankle and the hand is close to the ground, grab a fist with a little force and breathe in.

3. holding his breath, his body gradually stood up, his hands drooped, and his fists were gradually clenched. 

4. Exhale, stand upright, twist your arms outwards, move your fists forward, press your elbows from both sides with soft ribs, and lift your body and heels at the same time, lift your anus and breathe.

Final Health tips for low back pain exercises

Warm up before each exercise, slowly and quickly during exercise, and then slowly and slowly. Avoid excessive stretching of the lower back during exercise, such as sudden bending, sudden jump, and sudden leg lift. If there are signs of back pain during exercise, you should not be careless. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid worsening.

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