Men and Women Really Do Think Differently Some Facts

Women are used to nagging, men are used to silence | How Men And Women Handle Different Situation

In life, this situation often occurs: when faced with pressure, men will continue to smoke, drink, or silently, women will choose to shop or talk to others; women often feel that men are careless and will not take care of others. It is awkward in expressing love; men feel that women’s sense of direction is extremely poor, and they are always nagging endlessly; men constantly change channels to TV, and women are more focused on a certain program.

After a day of work or study, the man’s brain will classify and archive what happens every day; for women, all the things that happen that day will continue to appear in her brain until they are talked about, of course it is not intended to solve these problems, but just to release them.

Man and Woman differences in Handling Bad Mode:
Men who are in a bad mood will choose to drink, smoke, or even violate others; women who are in a bad mood either overeating or shopping frantically. In the case of extreme irritability, men often think autistically and often remain silent. This kind of silence scares women. They like to hide their emotions and don't want others to know their true thoughts. They are true solitary people, and they will endure not crying. In order to make the man feel more comfortable, the woman will sit next to the man and let him talk about his troubles, but the more this is, the more irritable the man will be, and even the woman will be rudely left.

When a woman is in a frantic mood, she will yell and throw things to vent her emotions. You know, distress is a woman’s conventional weapon; the statement that suicide is a sign of a woman’s declared use of nuclear weapons is usually a nuclear threat. At this time, the man will only interrupt her according to his own thinking, thinking that she crying means: "solve my problem." Therefore, the man does not appease them, but provides advice to them. The man feels the responsibility to do so, otherwise he will think that he has failed.

In fact, women need to be cared for and cared for more. Women are more open, honest, cooperative, have a spirit of sacrifice, and are good at expressing emotions. Most women choose not to control emotions, but vent, and constantly use emotional adjectives to talk about their feelings. For women, emotional performance is a form of communication. Therefore, when the woman is in a frantic mood, the man only needs to listen to her quietly. After the talk, she can quickly recover and forget the previous unhappiness.

Gender differences in social interaction:
Men often only call when they need it, and women often think that calling is a bond of affection, so even if the woman has just returned from playing with her friends, she has full energy to continue talking with her friends on the phone for more than an hour. When two men get along, they don’t feel embarrass for a long time without talking, but if the woman and the man sit together, the woman can’t tolerate the long silence of the man., and feels that the man is too inaccessible, so the woman More willing to be with those men who talk witty and humorous.

Gender differences in problem solving abilities
When a man encounters a problem, he often says, "Give it to me!" "I will consider solving it." Then, thinking about the problem without expression and quietly, when a woman sees the man silently, she thinks that the man does not Happy, he will try to talk to him as much as possible, help him find something to do, but the man will be angry because of interference. Men only speak happily when they find a solution to the problem.

A man often tends to solve problems by himself to prove his ability to solve problems. Only when he thinks that others have a better solution, he will trouble his friends. If a woman asks a man to talk about the problem he is facing, he will think it is a denial of him, and in fact, the purpose of a woman is just to make him feel better.

Gender differences in emotions:
Men often express their success by providing women with what she needs, letting women appreciate his ability and being satisfied in women’s satisfaction; if women can’t feel happiness, men will feel that they have failed, and men will feel that It is because he cannot provide women with what women need. It is also very likely that a man will leave this woman and turn to another woman who can be satisfied. But when a woman leaves a man, it is not because she is dissatisfied with what the man provides, and more often because of their disagreement. What a woman wants is love. A woman desires romance and more communication with a man. When a woman does not feel loved, she chooses to leave. Therefore, men's thinking is very different from women's thinking. If you understand this, the question of "why women do this" and "why do men do that" will be solved.

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