Natural Simple New Rules for Weight Loss

Ask any man or woman on the street why the current obesity epidemic and the answer will inevitably be a combination of the following factors: Junk food is the problem. It is the excess of fat, carbohydrates, processed foods, or high fructose corn syrup, fast food or processed foods. Call it what you want - if it tastes good, it is fattening.

The problem is a sedentary lifestyle. Do you remember when we used to play football in the square instead of playing it on PlayStation? Surfing on real boards instead of surfing the internet? Cycling instead of lying on the couch? Of course, the sedentary lifestyle is making us fat. Do you remember all the calories we used to burn when we got up to change the TV channel instead of using the remote?

And yet we try to have a healthy diet, we choose light foods, low in carbohydrates, diet and organic.

We try to reduce portion sizes, count calories, follow diets that limit food consumption to a meager amount. Portion size is the recommended amount of each food that you are supposed to eat during a meal or snack.

We try to exercise, investing more than $ 20 billion a year in gyms that promise to burn more than our salary. Even we continue to put on weight and less in a healthy way.

Staying up late

Research showed that the more lights causes of diabetes, the more people who are up late are in greater risk of the number one health hazard. Staying up late and eating late at night may be the cause  of  increase weight problems. 

Selection of Food

There is a natural stop sign in circadian rhythms and we ignore it almost every day. This unbalances our digestive system, additionally to several hormones and enzymes that control it. We are unable to process the food we eat and, as a result, they end up where they shouldn't be- in the belly and butt.

Another research showed that the act of simply limited food consumption to 8 hours provides all the benefits and there is no need to worry about eating.

Furthermore those people who eat high fat diet ,their pattern of consumption  tended to expand the time and they will eat day and night. In other words the more fatty foods we eat, the longer our food cycle will become as a result increase food cycle, the fatter we get. It means when we eat foods high in fat, we are practically addicted to food. If we disconnect this addition then we can control fat.

People who eat healthy diet consist of carbohydrates, proteins and fat maintain their normal pattern of consumption as a result their body remain healthy without any fat.

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