Natural Ways to Enhancing Inner Beauty

There are two types of beauty (i) Internal beauty and (ii) external beauty. Your internal beauty necessary to get external beauty. In this post you will learn about some food and remedies to for internal beauty. The Internal conditioning and beauty is very importance for external beauty.

A 40-year-old woman's beauty is very important, but it needs to be reminded that instead of spending money on beauty salons or buying cosmetics, the Way to Enhancing Your Inner Beauty by taking internal body care. Women are based on nourishing blood which depends on food contains substances necessary for good health condition, and only when they are full of blood and excrete toxic can make their skin shiny, rosy, delicate and tender.

Natural Ways to Enhancing Your Inner Beauty include some tips given below.

Enhancing Inner Beauty using Beauty food

As everyone like to have a beautiful face especially women. For women who love beauty, the best method of beauty does not depend on cosmetics, but depends on internal beauty conditioning, Internal beauty can be enhanced by eat sparingly, and eat selectively food to take care of your body. Some recommended foods enhancing your inner beauty are discussed below.

1. Enhancing Inner Beauty using Black beans: Since ancient times people believe that eating beans is beneficial of inner health. Eating beans (especially black beans) will produce blood and black hair. Everyone can eat black beans, and it is recommended to eat stewed black beans.

2. Enhancing Inner Beauty using Carrots: Carrots contain vitamin B and vitamin C, and contain a special nutrient beta-carotene (found in plants and fruits), which is very beneficial to blood, so carrot soup is a good blood drink for you inner health.

3. Enhancing Inner Beauty using Gluten: Gluten is rich in iron and is very delicious. Gluten is a family of proteins found in grains, including wheat, rye, and barley.

4. Enhancing Inner Beauty using Spinach: Spinach is rich in iron and beta-carotene and is an important food in vegetables for enhancing blood quality.

5. Enhancing Inner Beauty using Daylily: Daylily has high iron content, and also contains vitamin A, vitamin B1 (Thiamine), vitamin C, protein, fat and colchicine and other nutrients, and has diuretic and improve digestions effects. 

6. Enhancing Inner Beauty using Longan meat: Longan meat is rich in iron, but also contains vitamins, glucose, sucrose, etc., is a good inner beauty food , Longan meat can also treat forgetfulness, palpitations, insomnia caused by neurasthenia and so on. 

7. Enhancing Inner Beauty using Dried radish: Dried radish is very rich in Vitamins B and iron. Longan meat can also improve your inner beauty.

Some Extra Healthy Tips for improving inner beauty

  • You should not left proper intake of protein due to the fear of fat and gaining weight. 
  • For moisturizing effect on the skin eat fresh vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Sweets should be controlled, sweets will increase you inner body temperature, make the stomach hot and spleen deficiency, not conducive to skin maintenance.
Some home remedies for Natural Enhancement of Inner Beauty

1. Longan and Lotus Seed Porridge:
Ingredients: Longan Meat 30 grams, Lotus Seed 30 grams, Glutinous Rice 100 grams, Rock Sugar Appropriate. 

Method: Add longan meat, lotus seeds, glutinous rice to the pot and add water, boil on high heat and change to low heat, cook until the rice is rotten, transfer to rock sugar and serve.

Efficacy: nourish the heart and blood, moisturize the face.

2. Rose porridge:
Material: 15 grams of dried rose buds, 100 grams of japonica rice. 
Method: Boil rice porridge with rice, add rose buds after cooking and eat.
Benefits/Efficacy: Pleasant face, delicate skin, sedation, anti-depression, and can also treat stomach pain caused by liver qi stagnation.

2. Black beans boiled lemon: 
Ingredients: 100 grams of black beans, 15 grams of lemon slices, soy sauce. 
Method: Cook the black beans with water and soften them, add soy sauce and lemon slices and serve. 
Benefits/Efficacy: Promote the metabolism of skin cells, regular food can make the skin fit.

3. Braised cabbage with chestnuts:
Ingredients: 200 grams of chestnuts, 200 grams of cabbage, duck soup, salt, cooking wine. 
Method: Chestnuts are peeled and cut in half, then put into the pot, inject the appropriate amount of duck soup, add cabbage and seasonings, stew and serve. 
Benefits/Efficacy: Chestnuts strengthen the spleen and kidneys,and moistens dryness, and regular food can improve the black and yellow complexion and eliminate dark spots and dark circles on the skin.

4. Vinegar Soy Beans:
Ingredients: 250 grams of fresh soybeans, appropriate amount of vinegar.
Method: Soybeans are soaked in vinegar for 15 days. Take about 10 chews daily.
Benefits/Efficacy: Lower cholesterol, improve liver function and delay aging.

Conclusion Health tips:
Quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, drinking light tea, and strengthening dietary conditioning can promote women's blood and detoxification. The best way to beautify your beauty is to eat conditioned food regularly and regularly.

If you have any tips for Enhancing Inner Beauty, don't forget to share it with us in comments below.

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