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Supply nutrition to the brain 

The brain is the most complex and vigorous organ in the human body, and it is the "headquarters" of the human body. Therefore, it needs sufficient and high-quality energy to maintain its activities. Studies have shown that although the weight of the brain only accounts for 2% of the human body, the energy it consumes account for the total energy consumed by the whole body 20%.

Health details The nutrients the brain needs From the age of 40

people lose a certain number of neurons (nerve cells) forever every day. However, if nutrition is adequate, 70% of neurons will accompany us to live to 80 years old, which is enough to ensure that our thinking is active. To this end, in addition to strengthening the supplementation of basic fatty acids, it is also necessary to pay attention to the intake of antioxidants, such as vitamin E in foods such as vegetable oil, oil fruit, olives, almonds, vitamin C and beta carotene in fruits and vegetables, fish and Selenium in seafood can protect neurons. 

What are the brain foods? 

The energy required by the brain comes mainly from glucose. Generally, foods rich in starch, such as rice, noodles, potatoes, beans, etc., will produce a large amount of glucose in the process of human metabolism. According to relevant research, substances that have an important role in brain growth and development mainly include fat, calcium, vitamin C, sugar, protein, B vitamins, and vitamins.

There are 8 kinds of vitamin A and vitamin E, so foods rich in these 8 kinds of substances can be regarded as brain food. Among the most prominent brain-enhancing foods are: 

Walnut kernels: rich in unsaturated fatty acids, can improve the structure of the brain, thereby giving people a good intelligence, is the first choice for brain-enhancing foods. 

Brown sugar: The content of calcium in brown sugar is the highest in sugar, and it also contains a small amount of B vitamins, which are good for the brain. 

Animal viscera: They are not only nutritious, but also have a better brain function than animal meat itself, because animal viscera contains more unsaturated fatty acids than meat. 

Bean sprouts, fish and shrimp, seaweed, honey, beans, etc.: These are also very good brain food. 

Healthy Tips More than 80% of brain tissue is water

All the information obtained by the brain is transmitted in the form of electric current through cells, and water is the main medium for electric current transmission. Therefore, drinking a glass or two of water before working or thinking will help the brain function.

Foods to Boost Your Brain and Memory

Goji berry stewed sheep brain 
Ingredients: 30 grams of wolfberry, 1 goat brain, onion, ginger, cooking wine, salt, chicken essence. 

Method: 1. Wash the sheep brain and put it in the vessel. 
2.Inject a proper amount of water into the vessel, add salt, spring onion, ginger, cooking wine, and simmer in water. 
3.Served with chicken essence before leaving the pan. 
Efficacy: Tonic liver and kidney, strengthen the brain. 

Sea ginseng porridge 
Ingredients: 15 grams of sea cucumber, 100 grams of japonica rice, onion, ginger, and salt. 
Method: 1. Soak the sea cucumber with warm water, remove internal organs, wash and cut into small pieces. 
2. Place the sea cucumber block and japonica rice together in the pot, add water and seasoning, and cook together to make porridge.

Efficacy: nourish blood and dryness. It is suitable for hair whitening and memory loss caused by insufficient blood. 

Sesame Walnut Porridge:

Ingredients: 50 grams of black sesame seeds, 50 grams of walnut kernels, 100 grams of japonica rice, a little white sugar. 
Method: 1. Wash the japonica rice, put it in a casserole, add the appropriate amount of water, and boil it on the fire. 
2. Add mashed sesame and walnut kernels to cook porridge, add sugar and mix well. 
Efficacy: Strengthen the brain and kidney. It can treat diseases such as kidney deficiency, insomnia, and low back pain in middle-aged people. 

Final Health Tips for Brain Boosting

Using Your brain is the best option to boost you brain powers. The "rest" of the brain should be completed with sufficient sleep and nutritional supplements. It is not advisable to use the "avoid brain" method to strengthen the brain. 

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