Natural Ways to Overcome Depression Without Medication

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The latest survey found that depression patients are mostly middle-aged peoples and contains a great number of women. Nearly half of menopausal women have experienced irritability, irritability, depression, anxiety, panic, and dizziness. About 42% of menopausal women will experience depressive symptoms. Therefore 40 plus years old peoples. especially women must be aware of depression and try to avoid depression.

Health details Causes of depression 

Causes of depression 1=> Excessive social pressure:
A tense, unloving family atmosphere can cause greater stress and harm you, and it is prone to depressive symptoms over time. 

Causes of depression 2=> Menopause: 
The survey shows that women who have been menopausal for more than 2 years have a significant correlation with the occurrence of depression, and the incidence rate increases with age. 

Causes of depression 3=> Diseases: When people reach age of 45 , especially after entering menopause, some minor problems appear from time to time in the body, or chronic diseases increase. Seriously, these will disturb the lives of women, and gradually produce depression symptoms. 

Causes of depression 4=>Personality defects: Some middle-aged women have narrow-mindedness and changeable emotions, which often lead to the deterioration of interpersonal relationships, resulting in depression symptoms.

Causes of depression 5=>Genetic factors: 
When parents suffer from depression, their children's probability of depression also increases.

Some Common Depression Symptoms and Warning signs of depression
The mood is pessimistic, depressed, and bleak. Cognitive self-evaluation is too low, lack of confidence, and pessimistic about the future. No Interest for work, and often feels lack of energy and ability. The interpersonal relationship shows shyness, loneliness, unwillingness to see people, and poor coordination with the people around them. There is no appetite in daily life, sleep disorders, and no interest in sex life.

Detailed signs of depression in women and signs of depression in men
The signs of depression in women and signs of depression in men are nearly the same discussed below in detail.
  • Emotional well-being: Emotional Wellbeing means  how we think, feel and relates or interpret the world around us.  Such as feeling hopless, feeling anxious and feeling sad etc.
  • The Way to conduct yourself toward others such as loss of interest in activities, withdrawing from social engagements, and thoughts of suicide.
  • state of mind or mood will be irritable, sulky, sullen, easily annoyed or made angry.
  • cognitive abilities: Cognitive ability means The mental capability and ability to solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, reason , plan, learn quickly. When you are depressed these capabilities are affected such as thinking or talking more slowly. 
  • Sleeping Problems: Sleeping problems like difficulty in night sleeping, waking early, sleeping too much
  • Body related problems: such as decreased energy, greater tiredness, changes in appetite, weight changes, aches, pain,  headaches,  painful involuntary contraction of muscles.
  • Too much tiredness or consistent lower body energy
  • Decreased pain tolerance
  • Body pains
  • Headaches
  • Vision related problems
  • Digestive problems or irregular bowel schedules
Natural antidepressants Diet| natural remedies for depression

Rose Bergamot Tea antidepressants

Required Ingredients: Rose bud 10 grams, bergamot 10 grams.

Method: Wash the bergamot first, add water and boil for 30 minutes, then remove the residue, and then use the bergamot juice to soak the rose flower instead of the tea service.

Efficacy: Relieving the liver and relieving depression (antidepressants) , which is very helpful for those with mental depression, anxiety, irritability, and stomach upset.

Lotus Seed Tremella Soup antidepressants 

Ingredients: 50 grams of lotus seeds, 15-30 grams of white fungus with white hair, and an appropriate amount of white sugar.
Method: Wash the lotus seeds, add water and simmer the soup. After the lotus seeds are cooked, add water to the white fungus and boil it. Season with sugar before eating.
Efficacy: The lotus seeds clear the heart and remove the troubles, the white fungus strengthens the heart and fills the deficiency, and the combination of the two can treat depression. This side is commonly used and the effect is remarkable. A new way of decompression

Healthy Tips  antidepressants

1. Walking Posture antidepressants: Most of the people who walked with their heads in slow and the belief that the worst will happen. To change yourself, one must start with a walking posture. First of all, it is necessary to stand tall and walk fast and lightly. Then, change your tone and make the voice cheerful and full of energy.

2. antidepressants Soothe Yoga:
  • Relax the whole body and meditate comfortably. 
  • Stretch your arms and raise them above your head so that your arms are perpendicular to the ground, your hands are crossed with your fingers, and your palms are inward.
  • The back is straight, turn your palms up so that your palms are facing upwards, stretch your arms as high as possible, breathe deeply and naturally, and maintain this position for about 1 minute. Then swap the positions of the legs and repeat the exercise 3 to 5 times. 

3. Talk and Share: No matter what is good or bad, it feels better to find someone to share. The confession process can affect people's memories, that is, confessing a bad experience can make these unpleasant memories disappear more quickly.

4. Try new things: Learn a musical instrument, learn to play tennis, ski... try it out, because experienced people are more likely to maintain a positive attitude. This can also divert your attention, so that you no longer indulge in depression.

5. Dress up yourself: Beautiful clothes and makeup will make women feel confident and happy. A woman who knows and loves herself will surely be passionate about life, and you will be shining in the eyes of others.

6. Do more good deeds: Help someone open the door, show others the way, praise others...whether to friends or strangers, kind behavior will make people happier.

Antidepressants Health tips 

Red food work as antidepressants reduce fatigue and make people feel refreshed. It is the first choice for people with depression, such as apples, red peppers and tomatoes. Yellow food can help cultivate a cheerful mood, and can also remove toxins from the blood, making the skin smooth and tender, such as corn and bananas.

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