Sex differences in intelligence

Men with high intelligence quotient IQ and women with low emotional quotient EQ

Who is smarter, man or woman? 
The answer to this question has been inconsistent. A scientific study by German scholars seems to give a clearer answer: men are smarter than women.

Research on differences in intelligence between men and women show that the average intelligence quotient (IQ) value of men over the age of 18 is 8 points higher than women of the same age.

Research studies have shown that women's Intelligence quotient (IQ) is not as good as men's, women's Emotional intelligence (emotional quotient or EQ) is obviously higher than men's. Studies have shown that under the same IQ, women work more carefully than men and have the ability to continue to work. Women’s high emotional quotient (EQ) allows them to complete their work more efficiently.

However, in one case, the woman's emotional intelligence becomes lower. As the saying goes: "A man in love has a high IQ and a woman in love has a low IQ." Because women in love are often susceptible to misunderstandings. They can impair a woman's ability to do things, combat a woman's self-confidence and self-esteem, and deprive a woman of the joy of life.

Women with low EQ are demonstrated in these aspects:

1. Work with temperament and mood
Waiting for the mood and mood to work before it is a common problem for many women with low EQ. The habit of these people is to do things with temperament and mood. women say how could without do good things without a good mood? This sounds reasonable and logical. This is not the case. When faced with a difficult and complicated job, people's motivation to evade the job may be far stronger than to do it. If you insist on waiting for your motivation or mood to start doing things, you may have to wait forever.

A woman with a low EQ may not realize this, she just lies in bed and waits for the passion of work. When someone suggested that she work, she shouts, "I have no intention of doing it."

2. Success is the same as the city of Rome.
A woman with a low EQ hopes to pay little effort and get results soon. When difficulties occur and the process is slow, they get bored. In their minds, the goal should look straight up, easy to progress, no problem, and be met and compensated immediately.

A woman with a low EQ will not only be upset when she does not quickly learn a new skill, but she will also be impatient when she tries to change an old habit to improve her life. She believes that if there is a mistake, then she is all over and she will give up immediately.

3. Ruthlessness to yourself
Women with low EQ may also be aware of their own problems, but they are only aware that they have no better way than self-blame. As a result, every time she blamed herself, her self-confidence ends. The more a woman with a low EQ scolds herself, the more she feels incompetent; the more she feels incompetent, the more she makes mistakes; the more she makes mistakes, the more she feels that she can't do it; and the more she feels she can't do it, the more she scolds herself.

In fact, excessive self-blame and eagerness for success make it easy for her to give up her actions, because then she no longer has to worry about possible future mistakes. This greatly reduced her anxiety and made her feel relaxed and comfortable immediately and relieved. She no longer has to try hard, no mistakes, no failures, no more self-blame. But unfortunately, she has no chance of success.

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