Tips for buying fruit and vegetables

In this post you will learn Factors to consider when buying vegetables and how to buy vegetables. You should consider the following points before buying vegetables.

When buying fresh vegetables we must take into account that they are clean, that they have the color and brightness corresponding to their nature and that the skin is healthy; presented in an orderly manner and of course not exposed to the sun.

We must remember that the street sale of these products is prohibited and they do not offer guarantees of hygiene and safety or quality. 

It is preferable to buy them "in season", that is, they have been collected at that time of the year, since in addition to contributing to our economic benefit, they reach the optimal nutritional value at this time of maturation. Lately, more and more, they appear in the market in trays covered with plastic. 

Check on your label, that apart from the price, specify the weight, name, variety, category, etc., since if you do not specify these data, it is not considered standardized, but is simply more comfortable for sale for the establishment.

Try not to buy more quantity than you are going to consume in 2 or 3 days, especially in summer. 
Canned fruits can never substitute in nutritional value natural fruits.

what advice do you have for purchasing fresh fruits and vegetable? Let me Know in the comment below.

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