Universal Qualities of a Man and Woman

How is masculinity and femininity made
Femininity characteristics

The femininity refers to the subtle, elegant, virtuous, and soft feminine taste, which is also an irresistible force for ordinary men. Because no matter what country, men still expect women who are rich in maternal love. If a woman’s behavior is too open and her words too bold, it will only discourage men. Women are virtuous and spicy, but most women are neither ladies nor shrews, but are separated between the two. No matter what kind of person, their dream is to be an elegant woman, this is not only a woman's dream, but also what men expect. 

A woman who has no femininity loses the most essential things in her body, just like a painter cannot paint, a musician cannot sing, and loses the most deserving things. Femininity intoxicates men. Women not only conquer men, but also a taste that emanates from raising hands and feet.

Femininity is not a specific concept, nor can it be described as very detailed and specific like the attributes of a certain color or an object, it may be elegant when walking, or it may be a shallow greeting, a faint look .

A woman can not be beautiful, but can not be tasteless, because a woman with taste is elegant; a woman can be poor, but not vulgar; a woman can have no high education, but can not have no knowledge; a woman can have no high Social status, but dignity cannot be lacking; a woman can be unwise, but not benevolent; a woman can have no background, but must not be uneducated. Only by making up for her own shortcomings can a woman become an enviable and elegant woman.

A feminine woman is not the kind of woman who has no mind and does not know anything. She should have a wealth of knowledge and extensive knowledge, because knowledge gives her cultural heritage. This kind of woman with the fragrance of books will have a deep-rooted taste. Her sentiment has become more noble because of her knowledge.

A feminine woman is elegant, a kind of elegance that exudes naturally. This elegance is not pretentious, not a performance in front of people. An elegant woman knows how to dress smartly. She doesn't catch up with fashion. She doesn't have to wear a brand instead of a proper one. She knows how to groom herself and show herself.

Tasteful women are attentive, reserved and decent. She always has a mysterious feeling, people can't help but want to understand, but also make people unconsciously perturbed.

Tasteful women are sentimental. She will arrange her home in an orderly manner. The objects in the house reveal a taste. Tasteful women are like a refreshing glass of wine. Her aroma will give men a long aftertaste.

Just as women have femininity, men also have masculinity that highlights masculinities.

masculinity characteristics

Manliness is a peculiar temperament in men, and is a kind of man's comprehensive quality. Masculinity can’t be learned, it’s accumulated inadvertently, it’s a natural release of character, something that comes out of the bone, something that is unclear, but something you can feel, it’s the charm that makes a woman’s heart move, It's the demeanor that makes women submit.

A man with masculinity must be a mature man, and whether a man is mature is not proportional to his age. The performance of maturity is to become unpretentious, to lift the weight lightly, not to the world, not to be discreet, in any case, calm and relaxed.

A man with masculinity must be a man with dignity, with a wrought iron bone, nothing can make him bend his knees and bow his head. A man without dignity cannot have a successful career and life.

A man with masculinity must be a man with blood, and a man without blood is not a real man at all. Bloodiness is a comprehensive manifestation of courage, courage, integrity, and sense of justice. It is a spirit that will never be discouraged and never refuse to lose. It is also the wildness and fighting spirit of the male itself.

A masculine man must be a wise, thoughtful man, with rich experience, thoughtful thinking, generous mind, his own view of life, and his own understanding of society, without being extreme, complaining, or negative , Always aggressive.

A man with masculinity must be a man with a sense of responsibility, including social responsibility, family responsibilities, brotherly loyalty among friends. He has the courage to bear the consequences of his mistakes, not to make excuses for failure, and not to give reasons for mistakes. Do not seek to be as good as you want, but seek to be ashamed.

A masculine man must be a bold and bold man. He is meticulous in roughness and tenderness in boldness. The external coldness conceals a fire-like heart. Everything can be afforded and let go. Hurry and be fond of hatred. Do things in general, don't stick to details, and don't care about them.

A masculine man is a little bit bad, but it's wise, bad, and unpleasant, and it's so bad; it's different, it's funny, it's wild, it's wild, it's bad There are degrees, bad enough. A man with masculinity must be a man with a sense of humor. Humor is a manifestation of wisdom, and humor is a language game for smart people. Humor is not vulgar, funny but not explicit. The buzzwords are continually bewitching.

A man with masculinity must be a physique and full of energy. Power and agility coexist, and the mighty and elegant, there is a trace of loneliness in the atmosphere, a little restrained in domineering.

A masculine man is a real man, and only a real man will exude a masculine taste.

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