What are the benefits of soaking in hot water | Healing Benefits of Foot Soaks

In this blog post You will learn what are the benefits of soaking in hot water, homemade foot soak for dry feet, essential oil foot soak for cracked heels, foot bath temperature and some home made medicines/remedies.

Large number of blood vessels and nerves are densely spread on the soles of human feet. The endings of these nerve are connected to the human brain. The hot water soaking feet is not only good for the feet maintenance, but is also good for improvement of overall health. 

Hot water soaking feet Health details and scientific principle of soaking the feet:

There is a saying in the folks that "trees need root protection, and people need feet protection". Many 45-65 years women also choose to soak their feet with hot water before sleeping. Soaking feet with hot water can not only improve blood circulation in the feet and reduce local skin tension, but soaking feet help to eliminate fatigue (lack of energy or feeling of tiredness)  and improve sleep. 
There are 63 reflex areas on the foot, including the liver, heart,  spleen, kidney, lung,eye, ear, head, trigeminal nerve, nose, sciatic nerve, and endocrine which are closely related to the body. In other words, all parts of the human body can be reflected from the feet. Therefore, when the feet are rubbed against each other, they can work like a self-care massage, and can help in preventing and curing diseases.

The correct method of soaking feet or feet bathing:
The water of feet bathing should not be too hot, it is suitable to be around 40℃. If the water temperature is too high then the blood vessels of the feet are excessively dilated, and the blood in the body flows more to the lower limbs, which may decrease blood supply to important organs such as the heart, brain, kidney, etc., especially for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is best to use wooden basins or enamel basins for feet bath. Using a metal basins, because the chemical composition of metal is unstable and it is easy to react.

Hot water soaking feet cure headaches:
Here are some Healthy Tips For middle-aged women who often have headaches.  You can use hot water to soak your feet every day before sleeping, and then massage the bottom of your big toes and around the heart until you feel sore/pain and feverish. 
After the feet bath is finished, dry your feet first, then apply proper maintenance oil, and then massage it in proper way for good consequences.

Some water soaking feet Remedies:

1.Vinegar and water soaked feet:
Material: rice vinegar or old vinegar 100-150 ml, hot water half basin. 
Method: Add rice vinegar or old vinegar to hot water and soak your feet for about 30 minutes. 
Efficacy: promote skin elasticity, make skin smooth, completely remove rheumatism, and prevent colds. 

2. Bitter almond tea water foot soaking:

material: 50 grams of bitter almonds, a little green tea, appropriate amount of water. 
Method: 1.Put bitter almonds and green tea into the pot, then pour the appropriate amount of clean water, cook for 30 minutes, then remove the residue and extract the juice.
2. Take a small bottle of the above-mentioned liquid medicine on the face and arms, and pour the remaining liquid medicine into the basin. Soak the feet for about 30 minutes when the temperature is appropriate and do this for 15 days.
Efficacy: Moisturize the skin, anti-inflammatory and sterilization, supplement vitamins and minerals, prevent dark and rough skin. 

3. Zanthoxylum salt water foot bath 
Material: 1. pinch pepper, 1/2 cup vinegar, appropriate amount of salt, half pot of hot water. 
Method: Add salt, pepper and vinegar to hot water and soak your feet for about 30 minutes. 
Efficacy: Ability to relieve fatigue rapidly and relax. 

4. Moxa Leaf Soaking feet:
Material: A small amount of Moxa leaf, 1500 ml of boiling water. 
Method: 1.Place wormwood leaves in boiling water and fry for about 15 minutes. 
2. Remove the wormwood leaves and pour the liquid medicine into the washbasin.
3.When the water temperature is low and your feet can stand, put your feet in the basin then soak them. Do this every night about 15 minutes each time, preferably before going to sleep. It is generally working for 3 to 5 consecutive times. 
Efficacy: cure cough and relieve fatigue.

Final Health Tips for Soaking Feet
Foot bathing time should not be very long, 15 to 30 minutes are enough. It is not recommended to soak your feet immediately after a meal. It is best to soak your feet before going to sleep. Don't overheat the water to avoid burns.

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