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Humor related facts for men and women | why is humor important in society

The humor of a man is like the flavoring agent of life, and it can make a boring and tasteless life suddenly become tasteful. For women, a man will be happy with him if he is funny and humorous. Because of the characteristic of humor, women often tend to overlook other shortcomings in men. Therefore, in many marriage advertisements, many women have a humorous requirement on the character of men.

People with a sense of humor will be welcomed no matter where they go. And now if the presenter understands humor, it will relax the audience participating in the show, and the effect achieved by the TV show is also very optimistic.

Hunan TV program host Wang Han has a humorous cell. Every time he watches his program, the audience will be amused and laughed, the atmosphere and effect of the program is very good. If you change to a very stiff host, the effect will be very different.

The pressure of modern society makes people's nerves tense. People want to relax after a busy day's work, instead of choosing some serious dramas, people like to watch comedy movies,dramas or even vines. 

According to a survey, a person's emotions will infect other people within 5 seconds, a dull and expressionless person, when you see him, you will find life boring and irritable within 5 seconds; A humorous person with rich expressions and humorous language will also infect you within 5 seconds, making you suddenly feel that life is full of fun.

Humor is actually a kind of wisdom, a kind of cultivation. When there is friction with others, your humorous words can ease the tension. Everyone laughs and everything is gone, so humor is the lubricant of life. A humorous man makes a woman feel humorous, and at once the distance between two people is shortened, and two completely strangers put off their masks to each other and become friends in the most natural and honest way.

A humorous person will have many friends. No matter where he goes, he will act like a happy angel and distribute happiness to everyone. Women all like humorous men. A man who only knows work and lacks a sense of humor will make women feel boring, because his life is bound to lack passion and imagination.

If a man wants to enhance his charm, he may wish to add some sense of humor to himself. After reading it, learn to talk to the people around you, and you can also get in touch with humorous people. You will be infected around them and be a happy angel that everyone welcomes.

Maybe you can't win love quickly, but by sharing happiness with others, your interpersonal relationship can be filled with warmth and harmony, and even with people who only have one side, maintain a good relationship. Thanks to humor. You will also consider the people you met by chance as your neighbors, and then think: "You must understand that if you can make a neighbor have a good impression on you, then you can also make every neighbor, even the whole world. Everyone has a crush on you."

Humor Facts

1. Humor makes people around you more enjoyable:
Facing something that is enough to cause you unhappiness in daily life with a smile can make the unpleasant emotion disappear. By sharing with others, you can put trivial questions in the right place, which is trivial compared to your entire life. You will reminds others that it helps them face life easily and invigorate their spirits. While humor creates a warm atmosphere for others, it can also overcome your personal emotions and make it more enjoyable.

2. Humor can make you healthier:
Humor can improve your health, and laughter is a simple and enjoyable sport. Modern medical knowledge tells us that laughter is good for the heart, can regulate low and high blood pressure, promote digestion, enhance vitality, and prolong life. These views are based on objective. Scientific research has proved that laughter can stimulate blood circulation and help the lungs breathe; laughter can also relieve tension and promote good health.
Humor can make people happier and healthier. So, in order to achieve the desired effect,

what principles should we pay attention to while displaying humor?

1. Humor must be true and natural

We often see and hear some politicians' humorous words and deeds. Most of them use humor very freely, real and natural, without being sensational, not sensational, or even pretentious. But some politicians are not so clever. They shake their heads and have many and complicated gestures. Some people have mediocre intelligence, but they have to be vassal and elegant. They try to win the audience's favor with a bunch of jokes and cheap laughs, but the result is to add to the extravagance.

2. Talents who dare to laugh at themselves have the right to make fun of others

US President Franklin Roosevelt once said: "The golden rule of laughter is that no matter how you want to laugh at others, laugh at yourself first."

Many famous characters, especially actors, make fun of themselves to achieve successful communication between the two sides.

Making fun of your looks, or making things that you do not do pretty well, will make you more popular. If you happen to look handsome or beautiful, then thank your ancestors for their rewards, and at the same time, let people relax and try to find their shortcomings. If you really don’t have any interesting shortcomings, just make up one. The shortcomings are usually not difficult to find.

However, humor must also be proportionate, regardless of the occasion and spoofing regardless of size, not only will not make people feel good, but it will be annoying.

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