Women Heath: How to Care for yourself and staying away from illness?

Caring for yourself and staying away from illness

women are different from men in physiology and psychology. Particularly when a person enters 40 years of age, her body will experience numerous startling changes, and her health will be at risk upto some degrees. For this situation, if you want to avoid ailment and remain healthy, you have to show more love for yourself.

The annual gynecological examination is absolutely necessary.

Speaking of gynecological examination, many women will feel "horrible" and even adopt an evasive attitude. However, it cannot be ignored that the incidence of female gynecological inflammation in many countries are relatively high, and there is a clear trend of rejuvenation, especially after the age of 35, the incidence of tumors is gradually increasing. Therefore, a 40-year-old woman should have an annual gynecological examination like a physical examination, which is also an important way for women to protect themselves.

Health details Gynecological examination

Gynecological examination items General gynecological examination items include genital examination, vaginal examination, cervical examination, uterus and accessories examination. The doctor mainly checks the vulva for tumors and inflammation, the vagina for deformities, inflammation, and leucorrhea abnormalities. 

Sometimes a cervical smear is required, which is an anti-cancer smear. If there is a problem, 90% can be detected by this method. Additionally the gynecological examination also includes touching to check whether the size, shape and position of the uterus are normal. In some cases, the doctor will recommend B-ultrasound to check the uterine cavity, and sometimes may also do breast ultrasound. 

What you should pay attention to usually If you have the following conditions, you need to conduct a comprehensive gynecological examination as soon as possible: There is abnormal vaginal bleeding, such as bleeding after non-menstrual period or menopause. Bleeding after sex. There are abnormal secretions in the vagina. The cervix has chronic inflammation. The foreskin of the sexual partner is too long. Sexual partner prepuce can increase the risk of cervical cancer in women.

The result of a physical examination does not mean that it can be done once and for all, because some diseases develop faster and the symptoms are not obvious, which is difficult to detect; the work pressure of a 40-year-old woman still exists, family life needs more worry, and it is more likely to cause disease, so Regular inspections are required. 

Health Tips Gynecological examinations

Gynecological examinations should be done in regular professional hospitals, and follow the guidance of the doctor. The doctor will give a corresponding examination plan according to your age and physical condition. Don't think that the more money you spend, the better. Sometimes repeated checks are completely unnecessary. Health is my precautions Before gynecological examination 

1. Choose the appropriate examination time. The most appropriate gynecological examination time is 3 to 7 days after the end of menstruation, because the cervix is ​​opened most at this time, which is the best time for cervical scrape examination, and due to hormone changes in the body, the breast may also appear some Lumps and tenderness. 

2. You can clean the vulva within 24 hours before the examination, but do not rinse, even if the vaginal secretions increase and there is an odor. Because water can easily wash off bacteria, affecting doctors to make a correct diagnosis.

3. Avoid vaginal suppositories or sexual intercourse 1 to 2 days before the examination, so as not to interfere with the interpretation of the test sample under the microscope by the drug and sperm. 

4. Make a record of the problems you want to consult with the doctor, including the past medical history, menstruation in the last 3 months, menstrual problems, sexual problems, etc.

5. Because of the pelvic examination, if you want to urinate before the examination, you must go to the bathroom in advance, otherwise the bladder filling will directly affect the effectiveness of the examination. Communicate frankly with your doctor If you have a few sexual partners and have multiple miscarriages and other secrets that are difficult to say, you may wish to ask on behalf of a friend. Don't hide it, because you are probably a patient. 

A smart patient should know how to cooperate with the doctor's inquiry, if she is shy and delays her own health, she is ignorant. When the doctor is doing vaginal speculum examination, relax as much as possible. The more nervous, the easier it will cause pain and affect the examination effect. You can adjust your breathing or divert your attention. You will feel some pain when the doctor's finger touches the bottom of the uterus, but it does not take long, about 1 minute.

Final Health Tips for Staying away from illness

If it is difficult for you to accurately plan the time of the exam, then just make sure that you did not have menstruation during the exam, and that the menstruation has ended for at least a few days, so that the secretions in the vagina will not interfere with the test results.

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