Women want to be cover girls in the eyes of men

Women are more concerned about their image in the eyes of others, especially in the image of men. In a fashionable word, sexiness is a woman's "culture". This culture determines a woman's appearance and the "golden content" of a man's aesthetic vision in one fell swoop.

Nowadays, women's pursuit of perfect image has almost reached the point of demand. Almost all men have encountered such a situation: often make an appointment for seven o'clock, you book to go out at six thirty, take some time on the road, Traffic jams and other changes. And your woman started to take care of herself from 4:30. You sat in front of the TV and watch dramas and empty advertisements without beauty, and finally it reached 6:50, you thought, It should be almost there. However, when you look at the bedroom, you realize that your woman is still painting her eyebrows in a bathrobe.

Finally, your woman suddenly felt that the color of her clothes may not be suitable, and then went home immediately without saying a word, and continued to find the most suitable match.

Indeed, a woman would rather be late than let a sloppy self appear in front of everyone. They will not save any part of makeup. They didn't give up until they thought that their image was enough to envy all women and all men in the world. In this way, they will have a sense of accomplishment.

The place to test this envy and admiration is the street. Women are very satisfied with the attention of strangers on the street, especially the attention from strange men. It is not 100% but also 99%.

However, women sometimes encounter a man who is indifferent to themselves. At first, they will feel resentful and think that this is an unfriendly performance, and then some emotional fluctuations will occur. Then will he lost his emotions and even began to doubt himself. They have become accustomed to measuring themselves by others' value standards, and the casual words of others are likely to destroy her self-confidence.

Therefore, a smart man will never say something negative in front of a woman, because an irrelevant sentence may make her seem uncomfortable at once. She may be absent in the process of talking with her later, she will always Introspect where you are not doing well enough.

In fact, women’s pursuit of perfection has affected their happiness to a certain extent, because they are too demanding and have a little dissatisfaction. No matter what the evaluation or objective is, women will blame themselves and be sad for a long time. .

Women often affirm themselves through others, and are satisfied in the praises of others. There is no perfect person in the actual world. No matter how perfect a person is, people will think that there are some shortcomings in her. Everyone's views are different, so a person cannot be a perfect person. If a woman pursues perfection like this, she can only end up tired of herself, because excessive pursuit of perfection can only make a woman less confident.

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