Difference between men and women desire for pleasure

Compared with men, women’s desire for pleasure is more intense, and social pleasures are more attractive to men, such as being outstanding in the company, such as getting a social reward, these things can make a man feels happy. A woman is of course very happy if she enjoys this kind of social pleasure, but the degree of such happiness will never be as strong as the pleasure of her love. Women can abandon the pleasure brought about by these social natures because of love, but such a choice is not an easy thing for men, because this pleasure is a certain degree of affirmation to men, men's pleasure is vary to a large extent, it comes from the affirmation of society or others. So in the face of these social pleasures, men are far more happy than women.

Take buying flowers as an example. Women always like beautiful things. If they see beautiful flowers, they will spend 100 dollars to buy them. But if they change to men, they won’t even spend 10 dollars. Women see strong pleasures when they see beautiful flowers, so they only invest 100 dollars, because they think they spend 100 dollars to buy flowers, and the pleasure they get is worth 100$. Even if a man spends 100$, at most he can only get the pleasure of paying 10$. In short, after seeing beautiful flowers, men and women do not get the same amount of pleasure, which directly affects the average cost of buying flowers for men and women. This difference in average results in women actively buying flowers and men rarely buying flowers. This general social phenomenon.

Not only buying flowers, but also other aspects. Even if they are the same action, the pleasure of men and women is also very different, such as driving and traveling. Most girls like men to take care of subtleties. Smart men are good at grasping the psychological trend of the opposite sex, and they will easily hit the soft tentacles of girls and win the favor of beauty. It is very likely that his words will touch her rich feelings, and let her recognize him in her life, holding his hand and walking firmly. If a man lacks exquisiteness, he often neglects some small considerations in love life, and love will slip away inadvertently.

For a woman, if someone notices the slight changes in her body at the first time, then she will have a sense of satisfaction.

Almost all girls have expressed dissatisfaction with their boyfriends. The most common of these is that when she combs a new hairstyle or buys a beautiful new dress and waits eagerly for praise from her boyfriend, her boyfriend seems to turn a blind eye.

Generally women do not like to make too many changes, so even if they want to change their usual image, they will not make a big change. Women often like to ponder over those details repeatedly, this is just to attract the attention of others or get a few praises.

Sometimes, a man's casual smile and care can also become a beautiful memory in a woman's heart, which can make her move for a long time. If a woman can prepare some midnight snacks for her husband who is still busy under the lights at midnight, then the man will remind himself to accompany his wife to buy the dress she has been watching for a long time on the weekend. Very subtle approach, but there is not simple love, so that each other's hearts are warm. That old story still touches us: the wife bought a pocket watch chain for her husband's beloved hair, and the husband bought a pocket watch for his wife to buy a comb. Although they all lost the things that they had saved with their hearts, but that kind of love cannot be expressed in words.

Men should pay attention to the details in life. On her birthday, be more attentive to prepare for her; don’t take apart her tricks on the spot when she and her friends are gathering; grab more of her favorite dishes for her when eating; when crossing the street, hold her hand , Taking care of her as a child will make her feel very sweet.

Happiness is realized bit by bit, especially those small details in life. Pay more attention and do more, it will make your more strong.

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