How to maintain your long-term attractiveness?

Love needs to maintain a sense of mystery

Einstein said: "The most beautiful experience of mankind is mystery, which is the true source of all true science and true art."

In fact, mystery is not the source of true love. People are curious, and they have an impulse to understand something that they don’t understand at all. For example, if a slim, well-dressed, elegant woman walks in front, most men will instinctively think that her face must also be beautiful. So here an urge to rush to her to see what happened. This is the power of mystery.

How to maintain your long-term attractiveness?

Love is sweet, and love can continue to sublime sweetness. In love, it's uncomfortable not to see a lover in a day. At this time, the mutual induction is particularly strong. Both parties wished they could communicate and communicate anytime, anywhere, and let the other party share their happiness and laughter. At this time, even if one party in love makes a big mistake, the other party will often forgive. After entering the period of love, the careful intimacy of the first love has been replaced by fiery passion. Lovers think that they are the happiest person in the world, deeply immersed in the world of two people, can not accommodate a third person. However, once such strong feelings are turbulent, and any discrepancies and contradictions appear, there will often be drastic changes: the true feelings become false, the beautiful becomes ugly, and even love becomes hatred-love has As deep as you hate.

Love needs to maintain a sense of mystery, because the mystery will keep the other party's interest in not declining in the process of exploring your personal answers and all kinds of styles. To cultivate this sense of mystery, we must not only constantly improve our own external characteristics, but also constantly improve our internal personality, enrich and update knowledge, improve the quality of all aspects, deepen the cultivation of ideas, and pursue career achievements. Only in this way can you continue to present your positive and new side to your lovers. You are like a never-ending spring, which is endless aftertaste. Of course, keeping mystery is just right, not to blockade in all directions, but to looming and dripping. So the next question is, how to cultivate the mystery of women? 

How to maintain your long-term attractiveness?

1. Learn to speak with your eyes

When a man looks at a woman, the first thing is her eyes, and the second is her appearance, figure, temperament, and conversation. The eyes are the windows of the soul, the silent language that reflects the charm of women. A beautiful woman who is favored by a bright eye is most likely to shake a man's heart. Properly applied, it can make him read a stroke heart. The mysterious woman sometimes has a charming and gentle look, and sometimes it is teased with a warm and attractive look, and sometimes inexplicably with a nun-like indifferent look, which makes the infatuated man at a loss. Make them want to stop, women can make men unpredictable, can also make men fighting spirit.

Smart women should learn to speak with their eyes, don’t always respond too warmly, this will scare the man away, and don’t always have an indifferent expression, so that the man will think you are not interested in him, and simply retreat, And to be reserved with enthusiasm, acceptance also contains a certain degree of rejection. The so-called "Don't guess the girl's mind boy, you will love her if you guess", that is what it means.

2. Master shy skills:
Shyness is one of the characteristics of feminine beauty. It contains unlimited femininity and tenderness. Female shyness is both a catalyst for male excitement and a natural cosmetic for females.  It is a pity that some big women, especially who are popular in the workplace, seem to have no idea what shyness is. They are accustomed to laughing loudly and accustomed to going straight. As long as the woman baits with femininity and tenderness, men will Love can't help hooking, it is not only a code word for the emotional connection of young girls who are beginning to love, but also a love signal between married couples after marriage. 

3. Good at "blank":

When the primitive man evolved into a civilized man, he first concealed the privacy. Philosophers believe that this is human instinct: in the eyes of the artist, this cover can trigger a rich imagination and increase the mysterious temptation. However, in order to show the intimacy with their husbands, many wives change their clothes and go to the toilet in front of their husbands at a glance in order to make men who like to pursue freshness more and more boring. A wife must learn to master the art of masking if she wants to maintain a long-lasting hazy feeling for her husband. It should be avoided as much as possible and exposed.

4. Change is the last word:
It is said that women are fickle, for a while they can smile, for a while eyebrows will stand up, for a while they will be sad and miserable. Don't look at men who always like to hang these six words in the face of love sniper wars, but they are always happy about love. Most men prefer to find a needle in a haystack rather than wait for the rabbit. A man is a wild animal that pursues a sense of freshness. 

5. Keep distance: Of course, keeping the distance is not a deliberate barrier or line of defense between the mind. There is attraction only when there is distance.

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