How to make a woman fall in love with you madly

When it comes to impressing women, men like to show off their wealth, worth, and status. In fact, in the chasing game of men and women, these are just some external decorations. Without precise manipulation, men may not even find the starting point. The love scene never talks about emotions, and the imparting of experience is not the driving force of love, but remember the following five methods can make women fall in love with you.

How to make a woman fall in love with you madly

1. Diligence, work in time:
Men may not understand that in the eyes of women, men are mostly judged according to their specific actions. That's why when a man says "I love you" to a woman, she behaves so calmly, and even asks "really?" "How deep is love"? In fact, when women ask "really?" or "how deep is love", they don't really ask men to give perfect answers. She is just expressing her doubts about this feeling, hoping to use this to determine the true or false of love. If a man can do some real things in time before preparing to say these three words, no woman will insist on not falling into the arms of a man. Sometimes you don’t even need to say it, love will come across.

2. Decide indiscriminately:
Women's indecision is a thing that men often experience and experience headaches. When shopping with women, they would pick and choose for a tablecloth, and wait until they finally decided to buy it, but they started to regret it just after going out. They are equally worried about their relationship, and it is a luxury for men to expect a positive answer from them. This situation actually shows a sense of psychological fear for women, because they are afraid to make wrong decisions and worry that they cannot bear the undesirable consequences.

Therefore, when men need to express their wishes, they should be decisive. For example, when looking for a woman to travel, instead of asking her: "Will you travel together next time?" It is better to tell her with a flat tone: "Let's travel together next time!" In this way, the possibility of a woman agreeing to go to an appointment will increase a lot. . Such a decisive decision seems a bit rough on the surface , in fact not only reflects the simple character of the man to do things, but also helps women solve those unresolved problems.

For women, if a man takes his actions for granted, then even if the woman still feels a bit of resistance, the result will naturally be the idea of ​​"obeying him as a matter of course". According to the analysis of the latest version of the women’s psychological report, women still have the psychological dependence like their grandmothers in nature. They may no longer say that the birds like "all listen to you" follow people's words, but they can't get rid of them in some things Tendency to let men decide everything.

3. Smart and good at using love props

There is no shortcut to love, but smart men can definitely do more with less. How to make a woman fall in love is actually how to impress a woman. If you want to impress a sensual animal like a woman, you must pay special attention to details. Sending flowers every day is commonplace and lacks creativity; buying jewelry. Only the details that women can’t think of and will never forget can impress them deeply it’s important to know that “love is a prize for smart men”.

4. Easy to remember, keep in mind all the details of women:
Women usually pay more attention to the trivial things in their lives. Their world is almost always made up of numerous trivial things, and men don't care much about these things. Taking clothing as an example, a woman is aware of several colors and styles of clothing, while a man is not even sure how many underwear he has.

If a man secretly writes down some of her hobbies, things scheduled to be done, past experience, etc. that the woman inadvertently says, and mentions it at an appropriate time, the woman will often be greatly moved. Because they think it is impossible for men to remember these trivial things, they will interpret the man’s actions as self-righteous as a concern for himself: "He has forgotten other things and only remembers my things." Some women even think Hidden secretly: "How much does he care about me!" This kind of touch can easily be transformed into a strong trust and attachment to men.

5. Commitment and courage to take responsibility:
The ideal man of a woman should be a person who has the courage to take responsibility. This includes a commitment to love, a commitment to the family, a commitment to the future, and almost all women's concerns, are things that men need to promise. Because in the eyes of women, commitment symbolizes how much men value them. Although women never dream of equality between men and women, they never give up their important position in men's lives. The promise given by men is equivalent to recognizing the position they need. Commitment also represents the formation of a contractual relationship that women want. Marriage or cohabitation, the idealization of women makes them believe that the commitment is far greater than the law. The commitment also emphasizes the protection that men can provide to women. Women are all easily frightened animals, and the love they have searched for in their entire lives is to some extent just a sheltered harbor, a safe island to rely on.

Women are not on call like cold dishes in food stalls. It is absolutely impossible not to have enough patience and perseverance in the process of interacting with women. Their psychology when they refused men was actually very simple, or they were willing but not willing to express their opinions immediately, or they were still hesitant or did not want to agree at all. The latter does not care about it for the time being, but the first two require much effort. After the woman refuses, her psychology will be very fragile. At this time, the success rate of starting the second attack is quite high. In this way, even if the woman still feels confused and hesitant, it is easy to have a passive tendency to obey psychologically, and may even agree to your pursuit because "you have said so".

Women who fall in love can become idiots, and men who have fallen out of love may become poets. When the woman who fell out of love scolded love and cursed the man in tears, the man who fell out of love  dipping the blood into the wound to accuse love.

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