Most Common Lies Men Tell in Relationships

Many men are used to lying. For example, if they have official duties, they are unwilling to go home, saying that they have not done bad things, but they have already done so, etc. Men not only lie on their own, they usually help their friends lie together.

Compared with men's lies, women's lies are more sentimental. Men's lies are logically processed by the brain, and women's lies are fabricated by feelings.

Should lie be promoted?

It's not easy to lie if you want to reason why you are late because of lazy sleep. It seems that people who are mentally retarded don't lie. It is said that men are better at using their brains and do things logically, but they are still not as good as women in lying and convincing. It is better to say that women are more likely to see lies than saying so.

Men make up lies through rational thinking, while women lie more intuitionally. Men need to rack their brains and use their abilities to compile lies, while women seem to be able to compose lies easily without much effort. Therefore, it can be said that women’s lies are not logical. Because of this, their lies appeared to be alive and extremely convincing.

Men and women will lie, but studies have shown that women lie to make others feel better, and men lie to make themselves look better. For men, lies have reached the point where they have been exported, and some people will not lie one day, and their mouths will itch.

what kinds of lies do men often use to deceive women?

1. you look good in everything you wear:
Men often avoid such conflicts with women through such lies, and are also afraid of hurting women’s self-esteem.

2. I really contacted you:

Sometimes men forgot to call their lover because of other things. When asked by their lover, they chose to lie like this in order not to cause the lover to make a big move. They believe that such a lie can make the lover's psychological balance and reduce the occurrence of contradictions.

3. I don't care about your appearance:

Men who say this sentence are generally disobedient. When two people do not meet, men repeatedly emphasize that they do not care about the appearance of women, because in their hearts there is still a fantasy about the appearance of women. But when a woman's appearance dissatisfies him, he will take the initiative to reduce contact, so there is no loss to him for such a lie. It can be said that almost no man loves appearance but loves the soul.

4. Come on, I promise you everything:

Men often say this sentence when they are excited, especially when in bed, women should never take his sentence seriously, because after he finishes speaking, he will forget what he said. When you ask again, he will say, "Have I said that, how I don't know?".

5. you are my only one:

The most clever sentence that a man coaxes a woman is this sentence "You are my only", how is it possible? No one is the only one, nor is it when he is in love, because a man besides you, his parents, family, friends, how can you be his only? He may be good to you for a certain period of time, but when he is bad for you, it will be bad. How could you be the only one in his life? Don’t think that a man saying this to you means he can’t live without you. This is impossible. There are many reasons for him to live, not just you, so when a man says this to you, you Thank him for loving you, but don't believe it!

6. I must change that:
 when a man says this sentence in front of you, you can believe that he has this determination, but you should not believe that he can do it. Because a person's personality, or bad habits that have been formed, cannot be changed within a day and a half. He may promise you to change at a certain time, but after a while, he will return to his original appearance. . Don't try to change a man, but change your expectations of him. So this man's sentence can not be believed.

7. I didn’t lie to you:

Men often use this sentence to gain the trust of women.Women can be trusted, because there is a real person who can testify. In fact, men are lying when they say this, they are covering up their inner uneasiness, so use this sentence to stabilize their hearts, first Let yourself not panic, and then let the woman trust him.

For these lies of men, many women have the ability to recognize lies, because women's emotional cells are very developed, you can judge whether the other party is lying by a sentence, an expression. In addition, women's sense of smell is also more sensitive. Women's brains are diverse and can obtain and analyze different information at the same time, but men's minds are relatively simple and can only handle one thing at a time. And women will remember the content of men's lies very clearly. When men lie, there will be some loopholes and they will be noticed by women.

Therefore, it is recommended that men do not lie under normal circumstances. In the unlikely event that a lie is dismantled, it may become a fuse for future quarrels.

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