Best Things all 40-plus women should do to stay healthy

continue to burn your passion 

Life is not a novel, not a movie, there are not so many choppy plots. Perhaps for 40 years old, life is left with nothing but a stalemate. So, don’t complain, think about it, and continue to burn your inner passion, your family and work can still make you look good. 

Multiple roles of middle-aged women 

Middle-aged women not only have heavy workloads, but also have family burdens. You are the daughter of an elderly parent, the mother of an adolescent child, the husband’s virtuous help, and the backbone of the unit. You are constantly changing various roles and shouldering the burden of work and family. Career success or failure, job promotion, personnel changes, pros and cons of the family, birth and death, death, marriage, funeral, and marriage are all turbulent psychologically. 

You need to adapt and respond. In life, marriage tends to be flat, children's academic, physical development, and mental health need you to worry about, parents' health needs you to take care of, and daily expenses may also be a problem. In your career, you face the gap between ideal and reality. For most middle-aged people, they have a clear goal in their careers and expect to achieve it through their unremitting efforts. However, due to subjective and objective factors, they often encounter difficulties, frustrations, and even failures. In addition, middle-aged women also have the contradiction of wanting health and neglecting disease. 

The easiest way to be passionate about life is to develop a hobby, preferably joining an organization. If you can cultivate the same hobby with your husband or friends, it would be even better! 

Make work passionate 

1. Make the ability level and emotion coordinate: Enhance your self-awareness, always observe yourself and your environment with a clear head and bright eyes, and consider yourself as a problem-solving expert. In this way, you can fully realize your potential and use your talent and inspiration to face challenges. 

2. Exercise: Exercise will relax your body and brain, adjust your body to a state where you can more effectively exercise your physical energy, and make your response to stress more rapid and effective. Exercise can also improve memory, increase your sensitivity to the outside world, and improve your work performance. 

3. Science schedule: Keep some rest time every day to relax your brain nerves and supplement physical strength. Arranging such a process on your work schedule will enable you to work with the highest sensitivity and efficiency. 

4. Bring humor to work: A sense of humor is a fun-filled emotional state, it can make you full of wisdom, calmly deal with all kinds of difficulties, and work with ease. You can put some humorous materials around you, such as joke collections, cartoons, humorous news pictures, and funny patterns. 

Freshen your life 

1. walk through the streets and find new things in photography:
Advantages: health, sunshine, and a little cultural taste. Disadvantages: The camera is a large investment. Reminder: It is necessary to draw up plans and do themed creations; to publish or invite people to appreciate is conducive to encouraging creative passion. 

2. Participate in hiking or outdoor survival club. Pros: 
Discover your potential in extreme fatigue. 
Disadvantages: There are certain requirements for physical fitness, and the degree of personal attention to cleaning also needs to be considered. Reminder: If you are in poor health or have a slight cleansing habit, please try not to challenge yourself; you can participate with your husband and children. 

3. Go learn Martial Art:
Advantages: This is an elegant and physical and mental exercise that can even change your attitude towards life, making you more courageous, determined, restrained, and calm. 
Disadvantages: There may be some costs, and it requires long-term persistence. Reminder: Martial Art is a broad and profound discipline that can accompany lifelong practice. It takes determination and perseverance to persevere. 

A 40-year-old woman must not lose her passion. Once she loses her goals and aspirations, her mental outlook will plummet, and her work and life will go downhill.

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