Both men and women in love often get jealous

In this article you will learn about the advantages of jealousy, the disadvantages of jealousy ,diseases caused by jealousy and how to overcome jealousy.

Positive effects of jealousy

People in love often get jealous because their boyfriend or girlfriend eats a meal with others, or meets with others for the second time, which is what we often say is jealousy. To a certain extent jealousy is an unhealthy psychology. Therefore, in love, we must first grasp the scale of jealousy. To some extent, jealousy can play a positive role in love.

First of all, jealousy is a reflection of love to some extent. Without love there is no jealousy, love without vinegar equals no soul. If you don’t care about everything you do with your lover, seeing that your lover is in close contact with other people of the opposite sex, but not responding at all, it means that you don’t really love him/her.

Second, jealousy can promote the development of love. For example, a boy may not have a strong affection for a girl at first, but if he finds that another boy is struggling to pursue this girl, then he will start to be jealous and immediately join the ranks of the pursuit.

In addition, jealousy can make girls look more charming and cute. Love has exclusivity and exclusivity. Women’s emotions are elusive, and they are content with themselves for a while, and sorrowful for a while. When the girl finds that the love of her lover has weakened, she will use the method of alienation, retreat, or bluffing, stimulating the love of the lover and locking the heart of the lover by means of deliberately showing favor to other boys. This kind of reverse stimulus reaction can make the other person's spirit invert and strengthen the concentration of love. Therefore, girl's flirt , anger, jealousy, tears in love are not only a proof of love, but also a beautiful landscape in female love.

Coquetry is also a very effective way for women to deal with big men. Men are very afraid of women reasoning with him, they only like and accept women to communicate with them in a coquettish way. So women should understand men's mentality and be soft in attitude, but the rationality behind should be clear. 

Most men are stubborn and opinionated, not good at compromising with others, rather than bending. Therefore, the use of hard methods often fails to achieve the purpose, sometimes complicating the problem, and if not done properly, it will lead to conflict and quarrels. Because it is suggested that women ask men to do things they do not want to do, may wish to act spoiled, playful. 

Generally speaking, men like women to be coquettish, and coquettishness  (romantic overtures) makes them feel the glory of big men. So coquettishness can not only make you achieve your goal, but also stir up the ripples of love and the waves of love. Faced with a charming and weak wife, how can a big man have the heart to hurt her and not agree to her request? Only obediently follow the jealousy in love is sexual jealousy, which is a psychological reaction of the person in love to monopolize love, that is, a painful feeling when the person in love feels that their love is threatened by a third party. When other homosexuals appear, and their love partner is in danger of being possessed or taken away, a variety of complex emotional experiences and behaviors are produced, firstly gaze, doubt, worry or follow, and then turn into hatred and hostility. These emotional reactions and behaviors are external manifestations and extensions of sexual jealousy.

Jealousy is the common sense of human beings. It is a potential anxiety because of the possibility of losing a dear person. This jealousy is an integral part of love, and it is the jealous heart that every pair of lovers have. If you want to test whether your lover loves you, the oldest and easiest way is to arouse his (her) jealousy. This is an immediate method. When you are alone with the opposite sex, if he/she loves you, he will show jealousy in his behavior. If a person shows no jealousy, then it is difficult to say that he/she loves you. Reasonable jealousy is understandable, while "perverted jealousy" and "irrational jealousy" must be firmly opposed.

In fact, human jealousy does not exist in the primitive society of public ownership. For the same reason, the jealousy in love does not exist in the age of group marriage. It arises from monogamy. In the age of group marriage, a man can marry a group of women, and any one of the opposite sex who has a sexual relationship with a certain man or woman will not be jealous of other opposite sex. In the history of human marriage, monogamy dominates, and the relationship between the sexes is framed in the legal and ethical sense, love is not only the attraction between the opposite sex, but also more important. In this way, the jealousy in love developed vigorously. Unlike other people's jealousy in other behaviors, the jealousy in love is human nature and it is difficult to get rid of it completely. 

Additionaly natural jealousy can really enhance the development and stability of love. As the philosopher said: "The happiness of love, like all happiness of mankind, requires a certain stimulus-the opposite of pleasure. This kind of happiness will never be clear for a long time, even a transparent thin cloud. If not Unhappy as a foil, then happiness will appear dull. Feeling is always a brightly colored emotional mosaic picture. Happiness and love in the clear sky will usually disappear soon. The happiness of love cannot exist alone without the feeling of foil. Because of this, love needs a thin layer of sorrow and a little jealousy, doubt, and dramatic play."

The Harm of Jealousy and negative effects of jealousy

The harm of jealousy is also great. Psychologist Freud once said: "Of all the adverse effects, the most short-lived people are bad emotions and bad moods, such as worry and jealousy." The jealousy psychology is like a tumor of the soul and harms people. Physical and mental health. 

American scientists have found through investigation and research that only 2% to 3% of people with weak jealousy suffer from heart disease in 25 years, and the mortality rate accounts for only 2.2%; those with strong jealousy have 9% in the same period. These people suffer from heart disease and the mortality rate is as high as 13.4%. 

Jealousy can increase the secretion of corticotropin (stress response hormones) and hypothalamic pituitary adrenocorticotropic hormone in the human body causing brain dysfunction and immune dysfunction, thus increasing the incidence of autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular and periodic migraine headaches. 

People who are jealous and often have some adverse reactions, such as loss of appetite, stomach pain, nausea, headache, back pain, palpitations, nervous vomiting, allergic colitis, dysmenorrhea, premature aging, etc.

Strong love jealousy will also bring cracks to the love life. If not handled properly, conflicts will occur, which will not only lead to the withering of love, but also may lead to tragedy.

How to overcome the jealousy in love?

1. Know yourself. Analyze whether you are too sensitive and lack confidence. People with low self-esteem are prone to jealousy.

2. Analyze the root of jealousy. Jealousy is often caused by misunderstandings. First of all, we must find out whether we have misunderstood our lover.

3. Actively eliminate jealousy. Be proactive, enrich your life, and divert attention, such as putting more energy on work and study, as Bacon said: "A person who sinks into his own career has no time to envy others."

4. Learn to control emotions and respect each other's feelings. Especially when you are in love, you should allow each other to have their own space for interpersonal communication.

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