Calcium supplement and benefits for 40 plus years women

Women need to add enough calcium during puberty, pregnancy and postpartum, especially after 40 years old, they need to pay special attention to calcium supplementation.

Health details The necessity of calcium supplementation to prevent osteoporosis

After 40 years of age, women's activity of osteoclasts in bones is greatly enhanced with the decrease of estrogen levels, bone resorption exceeds bone formation, resulting in net loss of bone, so it is easy Osteoporosis occurs, manifested by backache and leg pain, and even fractures often occur. Prompt and proper calcium supplementation can strengthen bones, prevent osteoporosis, and delay bone aging. Helps lower blood pressure: According to a survey, among people over 40 years old, people who took 1300 mg of calcium per day compared with people who took 300 mg of calcium per day had a 12% lower prevalence of hypertension and a 24% reduction in prevalence percentage. 

Preventing heart disease: In addition to protecting the heart by lowering blood pressure, calcium also has a heart-protecting method, which is to help lower blood cholesterol. Daily intake of 2200 mg of calcium can reduce cholesterol in the body by 6%, thereby preventing the occurrence of heart disease. 

Food supplements and medicinal supplements 

Calcium supplementation should be based on diet adjustment, that is, appropriate addition of calcium-rich foods such as milk, fish and shrimp, soy products, eggs, kelp, cabbage, rapeseed, and nuts. In order to promote calcium absorption, vitamin D should also be added. Vitamin D can be obtained from marine fish or cod liver oil. Calcium supplement medicines on the market are suitable for people who cannot satisfy the calcium requirement by relying on food intake. Calcium supplement products are not as expensive as possible, should be Choose according to your needs. 

Calcium carbonate has high calcium content and high absorption rate. It is a traditional calcium supplement preparation, but it is not suitable for people with stomach acid deficiency; calcium phosphate has high phosphorus content, so it is not suitable for chronic renal insufficiency. When taking calcium, strictly follow the doctor's instructions to avoid adverse effects on the body. 

calcium supplementation can help in weight lose

If you want to lose weight, calcium supplementation can also play a role. Sufficient amount of calcium (especially ionized calcium) in the intestine can combine with fatty acids and cholesterol in food, hinder the absorption of fat in the intestine, so that it can be excreted with feces to achieve the purpose of weight loss. 

Whitebait sprouts calcium supplement 1

Material: 20 grams whitebait, 300 grams soybean sprouts, 50 grams fresh peas, 50 grams carrots, vegetable oil, chopped green onion. 
Method: 1.  Treat the whitebait clean, boil and drain; peas are cooked. 
2.Wok, add base oil, add green onion and saute, add soy bean sprouts, whitebait and shredded carrots and stir fry for a while. 
3 After slightly frying, add cooked peas to adjust to sweet and sour flavor.
Efficacy: Whitebait and soybean sprouts are good sources of calcium, and there is no need to worry about too much fat, so this dish can supplement calcium and reduce fat.

Milk sauce braised lettuce calcium supplement 2 

Ingredients: 100 grams of lettuce, 100 grams of broccoli, each amount of milk, vegetable oil, soup, salt, starch, chicken essence. 

Method:1.Cut the lettuce and broccoli into pieces.
2. Put the wok on the fire, let the oil cook until it is 60% hot, add the cut lettuce and broccoli and stir fry, add salt and add soup to season. Place the broccoli in the center during the platter. 
3. Boil the milk, add some soup, season with salt, starch and chicken essence, boil it into a thick juice and pour it on the dishes. 
Calcium supplementation, multivitamin supplementation, and appetite promotion. 

Health Tips 

The following dietary habits can cause calcium deficiency: Excessive intake of plant foods. Oxalic acid and dietary fiber in plant foods can hinder calcium absorption. Eat too salty. Excessive blood sodium will affect calcium absorption. Drink plenty of coffee. Too much caffeine is not conducive to calcium absorption. Eat too much meat. Too much protein and phosphorus can hinder calcium absorption.

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