Diseases Caused by Acidosis

Acidosis refers to increase acid lever in the body. An anomalous presence of acid in the body is harmful to our health different ways, which, when combined, produce a great variety of ailments and diseases due to Acidosis.

  • Aggression due to their aggressiveness of the acids irritate the tissues, cause painful inflammations and attack the mucous membranes. 
  • Red spots are formed resulting from irritation in the areas with heavy sweating, and the fragile skin becomes very sensitive, becomes fixed and cracked. At this level the kidneys, urine overloaded with acids causes urinary burning, and in very young children it causes skin problems. 
  • The intestinal mucous membranes are attacked and made porous. Through the micro-lesions produced in the intestinal mucosa, the penetration of waste into the blood stream is facilitated: a progressive auto-intoxication of the organism results. Nothing resists the aggression of acids, not even bone tissues. The joints and vertebrae are worn and corroded, thus causing arthritis etc. 

The loss of minerals from body
In the case of acid aggression, our body removes the mineral bases necessary for its defense from the tissues: this repeated, abnormal and high withdrawal of alkaline minerals leads to the general loss of minerals from the body. The loss of minerals to which all organs are subjected makes them fragile, and produces a decrease in their possibility of working: the teeth become frayed, the teeth skins fall, the endocrine glands slow down their rhythm, the secretions dry up, the blood pressure decreases.

The weakening of the joints makes them vulnerable, they become inflamed. The fact that rheumatism, arthrosis and more diseases resulting from too acid is unfortunately little known. 

The decrease weakness caused by the demineralization.The skin and mucous membranes are no longer organic able to play their role of first line of defense against infiltrations. Even the organs of the immune system, which in turn are weakened by the aggression of acids and demineralization, cannot effectively defend our body: repeated and persistent infections attack the organs that are most affected. from the rising tide of acids. 

The most common ailments caused by Acidosis 

The following are the most common diseases and ailments caused by Acidosis.

  • chronic absence of energy
  • sensitivity of the teeth to cold, heat.
  • caries and weakening of the teeth.
  • fragility of the hair, hair that breaks, which fall.
  • burning of the anal or urinary tracts.
  • dry or chapped skin and dry eczema.
  • fatigue and coldness.
  • difficulty in recovering energy quickly.
  • depressive tendency 
  • inflamed and sensitive gums; 
  • brittle cracking nails and other nail diseases. 
  • cramps or muscle spasms.
  • injuries to the joints. 
  • sciatica (a type of back pain effect one side of body)
  • increased sensitivity to pain
  • Great ease in contracting infections.  

When the body is acidified, our nerves, our organs, our skeleton are continuously bathed in a sea of ​​acids.

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