Health benefits of stair climbing daily

Less elevators and more stairs climbing

With the rapid development of the city, the population of the urban area is increasing, but the land is getting less and less, so the houses are getting higher and higher. People live and work in tall buildings, and they are used to choosing elevators when going in and out. With more elevators, people’s habit of climbing stairs is reduced. In fact, climbing stairs is a good way to exercise.

Climbing stairs to protect your health | Health benefits of stair climbing 

Climbing stairs is an aerobic metabolism exercise that can consume body fat and enhance cardiopulmonary function. People who climb 5 stairs every day have a 25% lower chance of having a heart attack than ordinary people. Stair climbing can be used as one of the most effective exercise prescriptions for preventing and treating obesity, hypertension and other diseases. By climbing stairs, it can strengthen the strength of muscles and joints, improve the flexibility of hip and knee joints, promote the return of venous blood in the lower extremities, prevent varicose veins; strengthen myocardial contraction and accelerate blood circulation. 

The benefits of climbing stairs help to maintain the flexibility of bone and joints, avoid the occurrence of stiffness, and at the same time enhance the strength of ligaments and muscles to prevent degenerative changes. It is beneficial to enhance cardiopulmonary function, smooth blood circulation, maintain the health of cardiovascular system and prevent the occurrence of hypertension. It consumes more calories, which helps prevent obesity. According to estimates, in the same time, the calories consumed by climbing stairs are 5 times as much as walking, 1 times as 8 times as running, 2 times as many times as swimming, and 3 times as 1 times as playing table tennis. almost.

Climbing stairs can effectively enhance the function of the digestive system and enhance people's appetite. Due to the need for repeated hard exercise of the abdomen, intestinal peristalsis can be exacerbated, which can effectively prevent constipation. Can improve the function of the nervous system, help promote sleep and prevent anxiety. 

Climbing stairs can consume a lot of calories and is a good way to lose weight. The calories consumed for every 1 meter of ascent is equivalent to 28 meters for walking. Running 2 to 3 times up and down the 6-story stairs is equivalent to jogging 800 to 1500 meters of flat ground. 

The principle of climbing stairs 

1. Follow the principle of step by step. Climbing stairs is a more intense form of aerobic exercise. Exercisers must have good physique and strictly follow the step-by-step principle. 
2. Exercise intensity should be moderate. Exercise should always be carried out at a moderate intensity, so as not to feel strenuous. 
3. Combined with other sports. Stair climbing exercises should be combined with fitness exercises such as walking and jogging, and should not be used to replace other exercises.

Techniques for climbing stairs 

1. When going upstairs, lean forward slightly, bend your knees and raise your legs, and the forefoot falls in the middle of the steps. 
2. Footsteps are stabilized and then the support leg is stepped up and stepped up. 
3. When going downstairs, the body leans back slightly, the muscles relax, and the forefoot alternately falls on the middle of the steps. 

Speed ​​control in stair climbing exercises
1. Initial exercisers should take a slow speed and a long time. 
2. As the level of exercise increases, you can gradually speed up or extend the duration. When your physical strength can climb 5 to 6 floors in 1 minute or you can continue to climb for more than 10 minutes, you can transition to running stairs. 

Health Tips and precaution

If you have knee disease, you should try to use fewer stairs, especially not to lift heavy objects up and down the stairs. Because when climbing stairs, the knee joint must bear 3/4 of the body weight, which is easy to make the injury worse. Moreover, the flexion of the knee joint increases when climbing stairs, and the pressure between the patella and the femur increases accordingly, which will aggravate the knee joint pain.

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