how to know if someone loves you secretly

 Let's take a look at how to know he/She is in love with you.

The signal that a woman falls in love with a man

The attitude of women expressing interest in others is ever-changing. The most common one is to straighten or stroke your hair, straighten your clothes, and look at your shadow.

When you are pursuing a woman, if you can understand more the meaning behind her expressions and actions, you will get her heart at the right time. If she doesn't turn her eyes, as if looking straight at the man's face thoughtfully, it means that she has focused her attention on you, and she can't extricate herself with all her heart.

When she inadvertently dealt with you in all directions, a smile without any reason proves that a flame of love has grown in her heart. When she stands in front of you slimly, she unconsciously keeps swinging her legs, drawing lines and making circles on the ground, which is also an expression of love. If she is willing to go with you tirelessly no matter where she is, it undoubtedly shows that she has secretly given the whole heart to you.

If she is approaching you under the pretext of borrowing books, borrowing DVDs, celebrating a birthday, etc., squinting and looking at you, it means that the waves of love are deep in her heart, don't be puzzled! When she meet you on the street, she acted excitedly or even out of control, and her face becomes reddish, which meant she had fallen in love with you in secret.

After judging that she intends to be with you, either everyone will rejoice and fall in love, or you will continue to be stupid and slowly become cold. It is better to be cautious about feelings.

Is she happy to introduce you to her family, friends and colleagues? If she loves you, she will hope you understand her life very much. On the other hand, she often hopes that you will integrate into her life. Generally speaking, girls do not want others to mistake themselves for promiscuity. If the person in her mind is not you, she would never want you to appear in her social circle.

Does she really want to know about your family? Compared with men, women prefer fantasy. If she likes you in her heart, and if your contacts are harmonious, she usually has longed to adapt to you and your family in the future. For this, she will know about your family. And hobbies.

The signal that men fall in love with women

  • He always calls you when everything is okay, saying something irrelevant, and sometimes you may even hear his phone ringing constantly, but he still insists on talking to you.
  • He always likes to tell you some details of his life and wants you to know him.
  • He can't help but raise you up in front of his friend.
  • Before dating you, he will dress himself carefully and will be very punctual. 
  • He will listen to you very attentively and never look at the beautiful women walking in front of  you.
  • He will make an appointment with you next time, instead of telling you a vague concept.
  • He feels happy to go for shopping with you, because he will be happy no matter what he does with you.
  • He rarely mentions his former girlfriend with you because he is afraid that you will feel uncomfortable after listening.
  • He is very good to your friends, as long as your friends let him help, he will do his best to do it well, because he wants to make you happy.

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, when they are in a relationship, they will have some different performances. As long as you discover these performances, you can judge whether he or she has fallen in love with you. Additionally, the woman should also pay attention to these signals: he is attentive, that is just fell in love with you; he is clumsy, that is he deeply loves you; he calmly, that is he is tired of you.

The irresponsible man is the most terrible

When a woman is asked what kind of man she likes, she often puts the sense of responsibility first, showing how important it is. Only when a man has a sense of responsibility can the family be guaranteed and a woman a sense of security. A responsible man will take care of his wife wholeheartedly, because he understands that when God pulls them together, he has the responsibility to take care of this woman who holds hands with him for life. Only when a man has a sense of responsibility will he become taller in a woman's heart, and then he can rely on it.

A man with no sense of responsibility is afraid of taking responsibility. Responsibility is the soul of a person. A responsible person knows what to do and what not to do. Such a man will fascinate many women.

A responsible man will give his wife a sense of security and make his wife feel at ease with him. No matter what happens, a woman will not be afraid, because having a husband behind her will give her the confidence to overcome suffering. Responsible men know how to care for their wives and family members, so they will be loved by their families and distressed by their wives.

If she is unhappy and does not receive the care of the man, then the man may lack a sense of responsibility for his wife. If a woman is always losing her temper and nagging, then this man is also responsible, because it must be that many of the man’s practices cannot satisfy the woman, so it is best to sit down and talk with each other. The husband knows where his problems are. What other responsibilities should have been fulfilled, and then strive to do it well.

Women tend to like mature men:
The most important sign of a mature man is the courage to take responsibility. A responsible man will not look for other women outside regardless of his wife's feelings. A responsible man will not only care about himself but his parents. A responsible man will not make his wife cry, nor will he Let the woman wait too long.

In the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, people were struck by such a scene. When people opened a huge stone slab, they discovered that an old man wrapped his arms tightly around his wife, and everyone present moved. It is conceivable that at the moment of the earthquake, the old man quickly embraced his wife with his arms, hoping to use his body to block the pressure of his wife and put his own safety out of control. This is the responsibility. The old man takes his own life as a rule and protects his wife at the last moment of his life. This is a real man and an admirable man.  The call of responsibility in the subconscious made him feel his power at this moment. People have long watched the couple embracing life and death, and wish them the best in heaven with the greatest sincerity. 

Responsibility makes a man more tasteful. Responsibility is an intangible motivation. It inspires men to keep moving forward, towards the things that they must undertake and must shoulder. Owning responsibility can make men stronger and more active. A responsible person will be respected no matter where he goes, because he dares to provoke heavy burdens, take courage to take responsibility.

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