How to Reduce Stress | Ways To Relieve Stress

You always want to achieve perfection, so long-term physical and mental tension, coupled with your own personality defects, you are under great psychological pressure. It can be said that everyone has Stress, but the stress of middle-aged people has the characteristics of variability, complexity, and mixedness, which is often negligent and very difficult to solve.

Source of stress Health details

1. Social environment: Middle-aged women have psychological desires and needs for career success and economic independence, but are constrained by traditional ideas and social prejudices. In other words, gender determines the pressure of middle-aged women in family and career. 

2. Psychological factors: timidity, anxiety, lack of security, personality defects such as self-righteousness, changeable emotions, narrow-mindedness, and deterioration of interpersonal relationships, illness, family poverty, etc., are all causes of stress. 

The danger of stress 
Many people can't stand the stress, they will have headaches, insomnia, anxiety and other symptoms, and even some abnormal psychology. If it is not resolved or adjusted in time, it will further affect the physical and mental health and physical and mental illness. Psychological pressure is particularly harmful to middle-aged women, and is prominently manifested in both the nervous system and the digestive system. 

Nervous system performance: blocked thinking, impaired appearance, migraine, insomnia, fatigue. 

Digestive system performance: gastric ulcer, loss of appetite, constipation, diarrhea. 

Change and improve lives reducing stress 

1. Ensure adequate sleep: Adequate sleep can activate brain cells and keep the spirit in good condition. The best quality of sleep is between 11pm and 3am, and you must make yourself fall asleep at this time. At the same time, we should pay attention to choose high-quality pillow core and close-fitting quilt to ensure complete relaxation of the body. 

2. Listen to music: When listening to music, the brain releases peptides to relax the body. It should be noted that don’t listen to the song that hurt you when you are sad. You are dealing with stress, not "putting oil on fire." 

3. Outdoor activities: Outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, playing badminton, swimming, jumping aerobics, practicing yoga, mountain climbing, etc. not only vented psychological pressure, but also exercised the body. You can choose the type that suits you, or try a new exercise method, these will let you experience the fun of exercise. 

4. Shopping: Dazzling merchandise while shopping continues to attract your attention and will make you forget the pressure; or you may buy something you like, which makes up for the inexplicable regret in your heart. 

5. kiss and caress: This sense of union and trust will cause the body to produce "love hormones" and help you reduce stress. 

Decompression yoga  

1. Standing upright, legs together, hands drooping naturally. 
2. Transfer the center of gravity to the left foot, flex the right knee, make its calf as close as possible to the thigh, the sole of the foot upward Grab the right foot with both hands and place it on the base of the left thigh. 
3. Release your hands, raise your hands to your chest, close your palms together, and keep breathing naturally. 
4 . Maintain balance and try to stick to the time as long as possible. 
5. Repeat the above steps for another leg. 

Diet adjustment and foods that relieve stress and depression

1. When you have impatience and bad temper, choose foods with more calcium to stabilize your mood, such as milk products such as milk and yogurt, and dried fish.

2. When you are nervous or panic, eat more foods rich in vitamin C, which has the effect of balancing psychological stress, such as fruits, cauliflower, sesame, etc.

3. vitamins B are natural decomposing agents for stress, such as whole grains, wheat bran, whole wheat bread, animal offal, lean meat, etc.
Final Stress Health tips 

Excessive psychological pressure can lead to constipation, which is characterized by a swollen and hard abdomen with more gas. The way to eliminate is to relieve mental tension, avoid irritating food, eat more hot and soft food.

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