How to strengthen willpower and self discipline

Men rely on will, women rely on feeling

There was a woman in her dream who dreamed that her daughter was crying for help. The next day, she took the train to visit her daughter who was studying in a university far away. When She went there, She came to know that on the day of the dream, the school boiler exploded and the daughter who was taking a bath was unfortunately killed.

Another lady worked in a prestigious company. At that time, people were optimistic about this company, but the lady suddenly said to someone one day that this company would go bankrupt after 3 months. No one believed it at the time, but three months later, her prediction turned into reality.

It is said that women have a sixth sense, or super-sensation, which is indeed the case. It is true that women have more time for self-conscious experience, can use the right brain to explore the unknown world, and can use their intuition to make decisions. 

A study on left and right hemispheres of the human brain proved that women's language function nerves are spread across the two hemispheres of the brain, while men only use the left hemisphere to control language. This research confirms that in our society, women are more intuitive and more emotional. Of course, the sixth sense is not something that a woman deliberately feels, but it is inadvertently perceived.

There are such women in life, and their characteristics can be summarized as: have been indulging in their own emotional fantasies, and those fantasies are mostly fictional. It can be said, more women than men full of psychological illusion, fantasy, almost all in the life of a woman content. Women are more likely to accept psychological cues compared to men.

The spiritual impliedness of a woman is actually the realization of her emotional fantasy in life. She lives in fantasy all the time, and fantasy becomes her real life. When she tells you about her vain "lover", she did not intend to deceive you, because she believes that it is true than you.

Once women really enter the state of trance, they will follow the plot without thinking, and continue to play. It is difficult for her to distinguish what is accidental and what is inevitable; she feels that everything in front of her is fact and inevitable. Even after the role has been replaced, the woman's trance will continue for a long time.

The dictionary interprets "willpower" as "the power to control people's impulses and actions", the most critical of which are the words "control" and "power". Power exists objectively, the problem is how to control it. In fact, willpower is not born, nor is it impossible to change, it can be cultivated and developed. The following are helpful tips to enhance willpower:

ways to improve your willpower

1. Be proactive
Do not confuse willpower with self-negation. When it is applied to positive goals, it will become a huge force. Active willpower allows you to overcome inertia and focus your attention. When you encounter resistance, imagine your happiness after overcoming it, and then actively participate in the specific practice of achieving your goals, you can stick to the end.

2. Make up your mind
Some people are "chronic decision makers" who know that they should reduce the amount of alcohol they drink, but they are indecisive when making decisions, and as a result they cannot take action.

3. Clear goals
The changing behavior experiments showed that the most successful people are those with the most specific and clear goals.
Don't say such meaningless words: "I plan to read more books" or "I plan to do more physical exercise". Instead, it should be specific and clear: "I plan to walk for 45 minutes every morning", or "I plan to read an hour's book on the evenings of one, three, and five of the week."

4. Change yourself
Knowing that harvesting is not enough, the most fundamental motivation arises from the desire to change your image and grasp your life. Doctrine can sometimes convince people, but only when emotional factors are stimulated can they truly respond.

5. Temper your will:
As early as 1915, the psychologist Barrett once proposed a set of methods to exercise will. This includes getting up from a chair and sitting down 30 times, pouring out a box of matches and putting them back into the box one by one. He believes that these exercises can enhance willpower in order to face more serious and difficult challenges in the future. Barrett’s specific suggestions seem outdated, but his ideas are inspiring. For example, you can arrange in advance what you want to do on Sunday morning and decide not to eat lunch if you don’t do well.

6. Stick to the end
As the saying goes, "Willing things come true", it means fighting against difficulties and overcoming them. If you are determined to quit drinking, do not touch the glass on any occasion. If you insist on jogging, even if it rains in the morning when it wakes up, you should practice as usual indoors.

7. Seeking truth from facts
If you stipulate that you lose 25 kilograms in 3 months, or you must engage in 3 hours of physical exercise every day, then the strongest will will not help to such an unachievable goal. Moreover, the consequences of failure will vanish your desire to try again. Therefore, in many cases, it is a good way to set goals realistically.

8. Gradually cultivate:
The strong will does not arise suddenly overnight, it is formed step by step in the process of gradual accumulation. Setbacks and failures will inevitably be encountered in the middle. It is necessary to find out the reasons for dispersing one's fighting spirit in order to solve them in a targeted manner, thus forming a strong will.

9. Advance by victory
Practice has proved that every success will further strengthen willpower. If you overcome a bad habit with a tenacious will, you can gain the confidence to fight another challenge and win. Each success will increase your self-confidence by one point and provide a solid foothold for your difficult journey. Perhaps the new task will be more difficult, but it can be successful in the past, and it will be successful this time and in the future.

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