Importance of Female Friendships Among Women Health Benefits

Caring for friendship between women

According to the survey, 87% of married women and 95% of single women believe that friendship between same-sex friends is the happiest and most satisfying part of life. This emotional relationship is also the most profound and can bring them a kind of Invisible support.

The generation of friendship between women

The 40-year-old woman has entered the eventful autumn of her life course. The experience of marriage and childbearing has brought them many unprecedented experiences, including the same-sex feeling. The vast majority of women will have feelings of trust and dependence on the same sex, because this is a group exactly the same as themselves, they can understand and appreciate all their sorrows and joys, and give themselves the most intimate care and help. The most common way for many women to resolve their troubles and relieve stress is to talk to friends of the same sex; She is a husband, and her level of understanding often cannot meet the needs of women. In addition, the heredity of women in genetics is stronger, and the desire for friendship is greater.

Female friendship helps health

Psychologists point out that having a solid homosexual friend is one of the most important ways for modern women to live a healthy life. The communication between women is more open, more natural, and can give each other the same feedback, this communication is very conducive to mental health.

The intimate relationship between women can be used as a preventive measure, a support for the immune system, can reduce the threat of disease to people, including the common cold, heart disease and severe physical disorders. In other words, a 40-year-old woman needs to maintain physical and mental health, not only exercise and scientific diet, but also friendship care.

Working out together, shopping, drinking tea, having common hobbies, and often talking about sitting and inviting to dinner at home is also a good way to cultivate and deepen friendship.

Ways to build friendship

1.Moderate praise: Praise others moderately is a virtue, women especially like to be praised. If you want to be a friend with a woman, it is better to praise it moderately, such as "You are so beautiful in this dress", "You smile very gently." This will make her feel that you are someone she does not need to defend, you really treat her as a friend. 

2. Really invincible: Middle-aged women inevitably talk about their families, and thus have a comparative mentality, or they are wary of each other because of their interests, or even hostility. At this time, as long as you give your heart, you can win a pure friendship.

3. More tolerance and less care: Friendship is good or it may be fragile. Only by taking advantage of each other and understanding each other can friendship be strengthened. For a friend's fault, you can gently propose and help her correct it, or not at all. With more understanding and tolerance, the friendship between women can last longer.

4. Always be grateful: It is not easy to be friends in the sea of ​​people, and to go through so many years of ups and downs together. So be grateful to your friends, and your feelings will be more harmonious and sincere.

Don’t talk to yourself, focus on communication

Nagging is a common disease that middle-aged women are prone to commit, and mother-in-law, a person who talks endlessly in one mouth, is undoubtedly annoying. over and over again.

Speaking of your own joys and sorrows, regardless of whether other people like to listen or not, as long as you feel comfortable venting, regardless of other people's feelings, this woman will definitely not have friends. A smart woman is a good listener when she talks with people. She can always pay attention to the reaction of the other party to adjust the content of the conversation. Only in this way can the communication between the two parties continue.

If you are a "knife mouth", you should pay attention to it. Be careful not to inadvertently injure a friend who is not yet familiar, and affect your communication results. Because a strong, harsh, unreasonable person will not be convincing and like.

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