Importance of Humor and How to improve sense of humor

Be a humorous woman

Russian writer Chekhov said: "People who don't know how to joke are hopeless people." Humor, for men, it often evokes respect and admiration, and for women, it often evokes admiration and love. The charm of a humorous woman is far from the appearance and status. A smart and cute woman is not necessarily humorous, but a humorous woman must be smart and cute. 

Let humor always be with you 

Humor can not only bring joy to people with its own wit, self-deprecation, ridicule, and humor, but also help to eliminate hostility, ease friction, and prevent conflicts from escalating. Big wisdom is humor for small things, but small wisdom is funny for big things. The psychological foundation of humor is an optimistic, positive attitude, and a pessimistic and decadent person has no mood for humor. People with higher humor test scores tend to have higher IQ test scores; those who lack a sense of humor tend to have mediocre test scores, and some even obviously lack adaptability. 

People with a sense of humor are more popular in daily life, because they can shorten the distance of interpersonal communication in a short time and win the favor and trust of the other party. People with a sense of humor can always maintain a good attitude in their work. According to statistics, not all those who achieve success in work are not the most diligent people, but people who are good at understanding others and have a sense of humor. People with a sense of humor are more optimistic and open-minded, so they can use humor to eliminate tension and anxiety; while people with a lack of a sense of humor can only bear pain in silence, even difficult to relieve, which undoubtedly increases their psychological burden. Obviously, people with a sense of humor are more likely to succeed in their careers and have a healthier mind and body. 

Let humor be with you forever 

It can help you improve your courage, self-confidence and wisdom. Humor is a special prescription for regulating interpersonal relationships. As a successful, healthy and charismatic woman, are you humorous? 

How To develop sense of humor

To develop your sense of humor, you must first remain optimistic, face frustration, failure, and unhappiness with an optimistic and positive attitude, and learn to laugh at your own shortcomings and the mistakes of others. 

Humor starts with me 

Humor is built on the basis of rich knowledge, and only in this way can we be rich in conversations and make fun words. 
1. Self-deprecating.:Self-mockery (makes fun of oneself) is a manifestation of a person's self-confidence, Only confident people dare to self-mockery, because he/she knows that self-mockery will not affect his/her mentality and his/her image in the eyes of others. Self-deprecating and making jokes when necessary, this can not only effectively get rid of your embarrassing situation, but also give the other party a relaxed experience and get the other party’s favor, so that the atmosphere becomes more harmonious and more conducive to communication purpose. 

2. tolerance: Tolerance is to be considerate of others, to learn to be generous and overcome the habit of being cautious. Let life have a little more fun and ease, a little more smiles and games, humor can be born. 

3. Insight: Use your imagination to connect two different things or ideas, which will produce unexpected effects; quickly capture the essence of the thing, express it in an appropriate metaphor and witty language; observe things from your own perspective, not following the old, If you have your own views on things and have new ideas, you can say amazing things. 

4. Improve these skills: Improve language expression ability, pay attention to collocation and combination with body language. 

5. Appreciate the humor of others: Real humor needs to be savored by heart. To be able to appreciate the humor of others, others will also appreciate your humor, so that is effective communication. Humor is not chattering, slick. Humor is vulgar, elegant and connotative, otherwise it will only make people feel uncomfortable and disgusted. 

6. Appreciate humorous literary works: Humor works include  movies like Mr. Bean series, etc., when you appreciate it, you will be able to smile or laugh, and you will become full of humor.

Make sure to find something humorous in your work or life every day, preferably in public. Persist for 1 month, you will find that humor is actually not difficult. 

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