importance of proper nutrition and Zone food strategy benefits

The importance of proper nutrition 

Nutrition is a topic on which there is much discussion available today. Nutritional problems often arise from the indiscriminate and excessive consumption of food, or from the habit of consuming almost daily foods that are part of an antiquated food culture, not aligned with recent knowledge and actual needs. 

Knowing the effect produced by different foods on our body is extremely important. It is not only because they constitute the element that most frequently and consistently we introduce into our body, but also because, beyond the pleasure we obtain thanks to flavors, aromas and taste, foods, also thanks to their direct action on our hormonal system, can provide well-being or malaise.

The Zone food strategy and its benefits 

The Zone food strategy, a diet created by the American researcher Barry Sears, guarantees greater physical and mental efficiency. If you are overweight and want to lose body fat (but not muscle tone), the Zone allows you to do it without suffering from hunger. The Zone uses food with great care; the main objective is to achieve and maintain a precise hormonal balance; this is possible by using carbohydrates, proteins and in a balanced way 

This is why in the three main meals and snacks, 40% of calories must come from carbohydrates, 30% from proteins and 30% from fats. Following the Zone food strategy means eating properly feeling fit. In addition to this type of nutrition, the Zone offers a true lifestyle, which also includes the regular intake of omega-3 and polyphenols, physical activity and mental relaxation.

The Zone in theory Hormonal balance
The Zone's first objective The Zone food strategy is based on the principle that there is a link between food and hormones. The goal, in particular, is to maintain the values ​​of specific hormones (especially insulin and glucagon) within an optimal "zone". This balance allows you to achieve several benefits: such as eliminate "hunger attacks" , maintain maximum physical and mental performance throughout the day , lose extra pounds, keeping muscle tone high  and Decrease inflammation levels, 

The source of possible diseases 
One of the most important hormones on which the Zone food strategy acts is insulin. This hormone, whose blood levels rise mainly as a result of carbohydrate consumption, has the task of regulating blood glucose (sugar) levels. When the rate of insulin in the blood is high, the body tends to turn much of what you eat into fat, especially if it is in excess. On each side, on the other hand, the consumption of proteins promotes the circulation of the hormone insulin antagonist, glucagon. This hormone allows the body to access the energy supplies stored in the liver (glycogen) and especially in the adipose tissue (fats), thus promoting weight loss. In this way fats become a source of energy. In conclusion, at the table the correct balance between consumption of carbohydrates and proteins allows to obtain a hormonal balance between insulin and glucagon which in turn provides a state of well-being in the long run. 

Zone strategy is based on four fundamental points

1. Nutrition: the appropriate association of calories from carbohydrates, proteins and fats (in the respective proportions 40-30-30), must be maintained always, in the three main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and snacks (at least two a day). 

2. Integration: the regular use of omega-3 (long chain, EPA and DHA) and polyphenols present in colored fruit and vegetables.
3. Physical activity: it is an important aid for hormonal balance. Performing regular moderate-intensity physical activity is an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle and guarantees significant benefits for the health and general well-being of each individual. 

4. Mental relaxation: the use of some relaxation techniques can positively influence hormone levels, not least those of cortisol, the so-called "stress hormone".

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