Men and women who are more eloquent

women always say like to dislike, black to white, good to bad, positive to negative, love to hate. There are times when women still like to play a little temperament, what they say on the surface is not the same as what they think in their hearts. Women's verbal misconceptions are often reflected in what they care about.

When in love, the woman's words are unclear to the man, and some men are troubled by it. They don't know which words she said are true or false. There is a lyrics that describes the woman's mind: "Don't guess the girl's mind, you can't guess it." If a woman says to a man, "You are really good", the man may be ecstatic, thinking that the woman already likes him, and may even be complacent, but do not know if this sentence may mean that the two are breaking up. 

Therefore, the words of women may be the most worthy of study in the world. They have become accustomed to this reversed black and white ironic expression, and they are comfortable with these reversed languages. For women, what is most sad to them is not the busy and cumbersome housework every day, but the incomprehensible style of men, indifferent to these special languages.

It can be said that the word is not the romance of women's uniqueness. The reason why they suddenly said the last sentence: "You are really annoying." It is because of their contradictory psychology-they want to express but they are ashamed to express it. Men can actually see through women's mentality with a little brainstorming, but men are too lazy to be thoughtful.

It is precisely because the woman's words are right and wrong, so many behaviors of the woman make the man puzzled. If you hear a woman beside you constantly nagging about how her husband is, you don’t have to care too much, just listen quietly beside her, or say something politely If it doesn't matter, it means you are listening to her. But be sure to remember not to intervene indiscriminately, nor to give some suggestions to others, let alone to say something bad about her husband to please her, so she will be unhappy. Maybe you will think that you have a problem with your character, and provoke their relationship. When her husband suddenly appeared in front of her, she even leaned her head on her husband's shoulder with a happy smile on her face.

Seeing this situation, do you feel a little funny and unreasonable? But this is really nothing. Many women will do this. There is no reason to say that this is the logic of women.

Men also seem to like to say one set of animals. For example, how many men dare to wipe tears in the cinema in front of others? No matter how turbulent the heart is, the man is still invulnerable. This is because men’s physical structure determines that they have more rational qualities, and social roles make them have to be humble and gentle men in a civilized world. This squeeze under contradictions and conflicts only leaves them with a narrow gap to release self.

Men can find the thrill of conquering while watching the game. And all the competitions that need to be confronted are obsessed, so that they do not get tired of watching for hours. There is a well-known saying that war allows women to walk away. Then compete and let the women go away. Unless you cheer for him in a cheerleader wearing a short skirt, or sit in the stands and smile and concentrate on watching the game, otherwise any attempt to drag him away from the sport will cause him Strongly dissatisfied. Even if a few big men make big shots for a sideline, don’t be silly to persuade you. First, you are not a referee. Second, it’s strange that they have to answer you. Therefore, it is suggested that if a woman wears transparent clothes and cannot turn her husband’s attention from TV to herself, then please put a number on the back.

Mesh stockings and flaming red lips are definitely a deep temptation that men can't resist, but if you copy this set to the eyes of the second, third, and Nth men, it becomes his unbearable visual torture. He wouldn't say anything on his mouth, because he didn't want to be too petty, after all, men in vinegar jars didn't want to be seen. 

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