Men have good looks women have more vanity

It's a well-known thing that men have good faces. Men can tolerate how you deal with him at home, but they will not tolerate you when a foreigner faces him with a little disrespect, if a woman makes a man feel in front of an outsider Some lose face, men will not be willing to give up. Therefore, the smart woman summed up this sentence: "giving him enough face outside, waiting for home is another matter."

Men's good face mainly has the following performances

1: hit the swollen face to become fat
One of the most obvious characteristics of a man's good face is that he has a swollen face and becomes fat. When some men eat with their buddies, whether they have money or no money, they rush to pay the bills, otherwise they will feel embarrassed. Said with a smile: "Just pick whatever you like, which one you want to buy." But after someone really buy it, his pocket is already deflated, and the next days were conceivable.

It can be seen that hitting a swollen face to become a fat man is not a good thing. In the end, he can only suffer himself. Therefore, when consuming, men should decide according to their abilities. If they cannot afford particularly expensive things, they should not go to particularly expensive places to consume. It is not too late to wait until they have the ability, otherwise they can only ask for trouble. .

2. Wife as an employer outside: Men generally have a good face, and like to show off their status in the home in front of outsiders, unwilling to let others underestimate him. So, in front of others, show his own manly style, either let his wife serve tea for himself, or whisper his wife to cook for others.

Lovers or couples are premised on mutual respect, not on who is to instigate who is to listen to who. In fact, no matter at home or outside, only two people understand and respect each other, so that others can really envy. And those men who think that using their wives as servants can show that they are very majestic are wrong, because such men will only make everyone think he is hypocritical.

3: I like "death": Another expression of a man's good face is that he likes to "dead carry" for everything. The winter is cold and windy. The man is wearing thin clothes and his lips are blue. If someone asks him if he is cold, he will answer: "No cold, It was quite hot when he came out." When he met the girl he liked, he would take off his coat and put it on her. As a result, he would catch a cold when he went back.

4: The boy does not flick with tears:
The man does not shed his tears, even if there is any great grievance, the man will hold back the tears. A woman can cry if she wants to, but a man can’t. Who calls him a man? If you shed tears, you will be treated as weak and incompetent. Men should be masculine, and men who shed tears will be looked down upon by others, so men bleed without tears. This is what men define themselves.

5: Men like to pretend to be learned: 
Pretending to be knowledgeable is also one of the good looks of men. Many men like to show their talents in front of others, especially in front of women. In fact, he only knows some fur, but in order to show his style in front of the opposite sex, The brain cells don’t know how many dead housekeeping skills they have displayed. The purpose is to win each other’s favor or admiration. As long as the other party’s face is slightly envious, the man will be more proud. In fact, these things he is talking about may be the works of others who have just seen them elsewhere. Many men don’t even pretend to show that they are better than others, because men are considered ignorant and have no face, so men like to use this trick to win everyone’s admiration. If you study with him, it is estimated that he has been exposed, but under normal circumstances, women do not want to debunk the man's trick, be considered a man.

Women will not admit their vanity, which is why the emotional scammers have succeeded repeatedly, not because of how good they are and how clever the trick is, but only to make the sweet words to be seamless and incisive.

The vanity of a woman is also expressed as a comparison: more than a child, more a house, more jewelry, more than a dress.The most unbearable thing for a man is a husband, saying how good other men are, but forgetting that his man is her closest. People. You know, men are not used for comparison, and don’t count on him to fail, because for most men, appreciation and encouragement can make them more powerful than insult.

In addition, women's thinking is full of jealousy for no reason. When two pairs of men and women meet on the street, a man usually looks at the woman on the opposite side. This is a man's lustful nature. And women usually look at the opposite woman, which is the nature of women's jealousy. In fact, men like beautiful women in their bones, and love to watch beautiful women is a man's instinct. This is not necessarily lust, and it has nothing to do with character. But if any man who doesn't open his eyes arrogantly praises other women, the women around him will immediately become jealous, and it is estimated that the old vinegar is still the old one. She could also find out a lot of shortcomings of that woman without any difficulty.

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