psychological differences between men and women

In this article you will learn the psychological differences between men and women regarding many aspects and Women in love also have special psychology.

psychological differences between men and women

Men are more likely to fall in love at first sight than women

Due to differences in physiological characteristics and cognitive styles, there are psychological differences between men and women in love. Understanding these differences can help build a stronger relationship. The psychological differences between men and women in love are manifested in the following aspects:

psychological differences between men and women

1. Men are more likely to fall in love at first sight than women:

The understanding between people always starts with acquaintance. Love comes from good feelings, and good feelings are inseparable from the initial impression. Some see nothing for the first time, but they will grow passionate for a long time; while others will feel stunned as soon as they see the previous side. Normally, men pay more attention to women's appearance, women pay more attention to men's inner world, and choose objects more carefully, so men are more likely to fall in love at first sight than women.

2. Men's self-esteem in love is not as strong as women's:

In love, men generally do not overestimate the embarrassment of being rejected by the other party during courtship. If courtship is frustrated, they will use the spiritual victory method to comfort themselves in order to achieve psychological balance. This is not the case for women, who are extremely sensitive in love, have strong self-esteem, and find ways to meet this need. 

3. Men are proactive when courting, while women prefer the love marathon:

In the process of falling in love, men tend to be more proactive, dare to take the lead in expressing their love, and like to have quick decisions. Therefore, shortly after contact with the other party, they began a bold pursuit, hoping to achieve success in the short term. Women do not. Women like to use roundabout and indirect ways to express their feelings implicitly. They like to bury the seeds of love deep in their hearts.

4. Women's emotions are more delicate than men's:

In love, men tend to be careless and unable to perceive each other’s subtle psychological changes. He takes care of the big aspects and ignores the small details. Even if he finds that the other party's emotions have changed, he is often puzzled and at a loss. Women's emotions are very delicate, and they are good at seeing each other's psychology. Women pursue intimacy in love, and require men to behave satisfactorily. Therefore, a careless, careless man's inadvertent words and actions will make a woman sad or lose her temper. 

5. Men's alertness is not as strong as women's:

In general, men are less alert than women in love. Many men have little doubt about each other's psychology after they start to contact women. Women do not. They are very calm in the early stages of love. They often observe whether the other party is sincere and examine each other's details with a scrutiny attitude, lest they should be deceived. So in the early days of love, women tend to be more careful.

6. In terms of emotional performance, women are more implicit than men:
The emotional performance of men and women in love is very different, even in the stage of intense love. Men generally respond quickly, strongly, with determination, courage, boldness, and passion, but emotional instability. This personality trait makes it easy for them to express their feelings of love beyond words and joy. Words and deeds do not think deeply about the consequences, are impulsive, are not good at controlling themselves when stimulated, and are eager to express love through intimate behaviors such as kissing and hugging.

Women are generally calm, flexible, emotional, changeable, and full of emotions and fragile. In the process of love, they are shy and less exposed. They are good at disguising themselves and expressing love. They often feel shy, like to use polite, implicit, and suggestive methods.

The above is about the psychological difference between men and women in the process of love. Since women have more rich and delicate emotions than men, their psychological activities are more complicated and changeable. Especially for women in love, their psychology is even more elusive. 

Women in love also have special psychology

1. Pretended transfer:
When women are in love, they often want their boyfriends to say: "My dear, without you being with me, I am lonely", "I will never leave you" and other sweet words. However, men rarely understand this. Because of this, women will consciously show their friendliness and intimacy with other men in front of their boyfriends in an attempt to arouse their boyfriend’s vinegar to test their boyfriend’s sincerity, but in reality it is often counterproductive. Because most men believe that this kind of "empathy don't love" of women is true, so they quit their love voluntarily and end the good relationship between the two parties.

2. Somehow jealousy:

Women are extremely sensitive to the people or things around them. Especially in love, she will constantly compare herself with others. She is always worried that her value will not be recognized by the other party, so she is prone to jealousy and sometimes makes herself Can't be relieved. Jealousy is harmful, it not only harms others, but also affects your physical and mental health.

3. True and false negative:

The way women express their desires in love is generally more subtle and euphemistic. When she said "no", her heart was often "good and willing". For example, when a girlfriend goes to a movie, her boyfriend is going to buy a ticket. If the girlfriend says no, the boyfriend will not go. If you wait for your girlfriend to buy it, then this movie must not be completed.

4. The confusing "abuse":

Women in love have a sense of sadism. For example, when dating a lover, they deliberately be late for the pleasure of her boyfriend for her, or intentionally not to make an appointment, so that the long-time lover is anxious, irritable, doubtful, worried, Even suffering and suffering. In love, this slight and occasional "sad abuse" is also an indispensable "seasoning", but frequent and excessive sadism is a perverted psychology, which is extremely undesirable.

This peculiar psychology of women is actually a self-protection strategy. Of course, sometimes the female body real heart now. If men can master this abnormal psychology of women in love, carefully consider and truly understand, it will be more conducive to the success of love.

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