Scientific supplement of estrogen | How to Increase Estrogen Natural Ways

Estrogen is not only a female physiological hormone, but also a female youth hormone and health hormone. However, with the increase of age, women's ovarian function begins to deteriorate, the secretion of estrogen also decreases, the skin is loose, dry, wrinkles and stains are increasing, and a series of gynecological diseases will also appear. Therefore, many women hope to supplement estrogen to delay aging and maintain youth forever. 

Health details Estrogen is for women. 

Estrogen is secreted by the ovaries. Women generally reach their peak of estrogen secretion around 30 years old. When estrogen levels are normal, women can maintain their unique youth and health. After 40 years of age, the secretion of estrogen is gradually reduced or unbalanced, which will lead to aging and disease of the female body. There are more than 400 tissues and organs controlled by estrogen in women, including skin, mucous membranes, bones, internal organs, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and other important parts. Therefore, once the estrogen secretion is reduced or unbalanced, these tissues and organs will degenerate Sexual changes, which cause women's aging changes throughout the body.

How to supplement estrogen 

Supplement estrogen from food: soy products, royal jelly, walnut kernels, pine nuts, vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and other foods are rich in estrogen. Foods rich in selenium and zinc, such as shepherd's purse, mushrooms, tomatoes, pumpkin, oysters, mackerel, eel, kelp, sesame, etc., also have special effects on estrogen balance. Ingesting more than 40 grams of dietary fiber per day and reducing fat intake by 20% can also maintain hormone balance. 

Supplemental drug estrogen:
Drug estrogen includes ethinylestradiol, nylestriol, chlorostilbestrol, etc. Improper usage may bring some side effects and even cause cancer, so keep in touch with your doctor. 

Phytoestrogen supplementation: Soy isoflavones are extracted from soybeans and black beans. Its chemical structure is bisphenol, which is very similar in structure to the estrogen secreted by the human body. Scientists call it "phytoestrogens". 

Take about 10 grams of royal jelly every day to supplement estrogen. Because royal jelly has a water-retaining effect, you may wish to add soy-sized royal jelly to skincare products with simple ingredients and smear it on your face. It not only supplements estrogen, but also moisturizes the skin.

home remedies to control estrogen level

Angelica Tea

Material: Angelica 10 grams. 
Method: Decoction of Angelica sinensis and drink as tea. 
Efficacy: It can obviously change the symptoms caused by estrogen reduction. 

Black Chicken Soup 

Ingredients: 9 grams of Figworts or Scrophulariaceae, 15 grams of raw rehmannia glutinosa, 500 grams of black bone chicken, seasoning in proper amount. 
Practice: 1. Remove the black-bone chicken offal and wash it. 
2. Put the Scrophulariaceae and Rehmannia glutinosa into the chicken belly and sew them tightly. After adding water, and simmer with low heat. 
Efficacy: nourishing blood and nourishing yin, nourishing kidney and liver. Suitable for menopausal kidney deficiency, dizziness, and insufficient yin. 

Chrysanthemum Lily Soup 

Ingredients: 6 grams of white chrysanthemum, 50 grams of dried lily (double the freshness), moderate amount of white sugar. Method: 1. Wash the chrysanthemum and smash it.
2. Swell the dried lily, add water and cook it with the chrysanthemum, add sugar after the lily is rotten. 

Efficacy: nourish the mind and calm the nerves, calm the liver and yang. Applicable to menopausal hyperthyroidism. Nourish the mind and calm the mind, calm the liver. 

Applicable to menopausal hyperthyroidism
Ingredients: 30 grams of oats, 120 ml of milk, 5 red dates, 15 grams of rock sugar. 
Method: 1.Wash the oatmeal, drain it and remove it into the pot. 
2.Add a proper amount of water to the pot, boil it with a large fire, then use a small fire to cook for 20 minutes, until the oats are soft and thick. 
3.Turn off the heat, use a colander to remove the oatmeal, drain it and put it in the pot again. 
4.Add milk, rock sugar and red dates, and cook slowly over low heat until the porridge is thick. 
Efficacy: Containing a variety of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, it is conducive to the improvement of ovaries and the secretion of estrogen. 

Healthy Tips 

Fast foods, milk, red meat, cheese and other foods contain a lot of saturated fatty acids, too much intake will stimulate excessive estrogen Secrete. Steroids in fat can be converted into estrogen in the body, which promotes the formation of breast cancer cells.

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