Seven points of men's views on sex and love that women should know

Men want sex and women want love

Since God used Adam's ribs to make women, and Adam and Eve stole the forbidden fruit, human beings have continuously produced various love stories. The wonderful combination of man and woman has constituted this complicated world. Due to the different physiological structures of the sexes, men and women have different attitudes towards love and sex.

Men are extremely selfish animals. They like their women to be conservative and open. Even they sometimes do not respect women who have had sexual relations with them before marriage. They think such women have no sense of security. Men always hope that their women are virgins under the bed and sluts on the bed. It's just that there are fewer and fewer women like this, and men are only disappointed.

Women’s psychology is both subtle and emotional, and loving sex means a woman’s devotion to the woman. Women pay more attention to the integration of emotions when interacting with men. Therefore, it is difficult for women to be willing to have sexual contact without fully accepting a man. This is why, among men and women in love, women are often passive.

Only when a man is sexually satisfied with a woman will love this woman, because this woman is what he needs, and she brings him physical pleasure. Men need sex more, and lack of sex is intolerable for men. Women do not. Women's need for sex is not as strong as men's. She needs love more. Sex without love seems to mean rape for women.

A man spends his whole life pursuing sex, so he spends his life pursuing a woman. Without sex, a man cannot be called a man. Men’s love for women is based on sexual satisfaction, and women are still women even if they have no sex. Although women also have a desire for sex, they are not as strong as men. Women's sex with men is more based on love, and women will have more perfect sex with love.

Therefore, men have many secrets, and some cannot be known to women. However, some men did not intend to conceal women. On the contrary, they hope that women would understand their views. As a woman, you must understand the seven points of men's views on sex and love.

1. Men separate sex and love very clearly:
As a woman, you must know that if you see your man with another woman, don’t ruin your relationship with him because of impulse. Sometimes he really does this just for sex. If you still love each other deeply, then your relationship still has a chance to be saved. If the man repeatedly commits no regrets, of course he should not make excuses for his crimes. But many examples tell women that if you forgive him, he will still be very loving in the future.

2. Rejecting him is like hurting him:
Rejecting him once or twice is of course no big deal. However, when your relationship with him has been in a state of wishful thinking for a long time, it means that there are already urgent problems that need to be resolved between you. If you and he both ignore the seriousness of the problem, you only follow the ostrich policy and blindly refuse him, and he cannot solve his sexual needs, the problem will never be solved.

3. Vague signals will mislead him:
If a woman is careless and accidentally, she misleads him. For example, on a hot afternoon, the woman came home from get off work, hoping to take a shower as soon as possible. As a result, the woman kicked her shoes as soon as she entered, and took off her skirt and pantyhose. Of course, the woman feels incomparably released, and the man is sitting in the living room. He may be home only five minutes earlier than the woman, enjoying a can of frozen beer. Of course everything he did just now was clearly seen by the woman. For him, your undressing action may not be a way to relieve heat, but an obvious tease, maybe he will take off his clothes and rush over .

4. Men are born to love women:
Every man, besides looking at his wife and girlfriend, often hunts other women with his eyes. He may converge when you are around him, but the situation will not stop there. If he stops looking at other women, he may not be interested in you anymore, even in sex-this is definitely not a good thing for you.

5. Men who love you should not just love with heart:
You don’t need to perform well on the bed, but you shouldn’t hate love. Although the older the man, the lower the sexual needs, but there is still a need. Similarly, for men, women lose interest in sex, and they should not be refrained from saying that women are naturally unhappy with sex. Why do women lose their libido, perhaps look at their schedules.

6. Sometimes saving energy has many disadvantages:
Many women will feel embarrassed by having lights on to make love. They feel that the safe environment is dark and they are covered. However, men love visual stimulation and want to expose each act of making love to light. If you can overcome this psychology, let him get visual satisfaction by accident. Don't mention that you may gradually find it comfortable to have sex under the light occasionally.

7. Men get older and need help:
Reduced sexuality man does not mean your sex life coming to an end, because at that time women take longer than men before playing. As a woman, you can infer whether you need help from his several consecutive sexual performances. Under normal circumstances, after a certain period of stimulation, you can still reach the climax. But if he deflated several times in a row, it proved that he lost his heroic character. At this time, he definitely needs your help, don't fall into the hole.

If sex is a sensory enjoyment, then love is more of a spiritual need. The combination of sex and love is a kind of the most beautiful combination. It skillfully grafts naked flesh and implicit spirit together, which shows the most affectionate boutique in the world.

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