Some truths about woman nature

There are often men who sigh that beautiful women have no brains. If beautiful women have brains, it is also because beautiful gives her a chance. It is true that women feel more and think less, and the sensibility component of thinking is large, while the rational component is few. Women are naturally sensitive, and thinking about problems often depends on personal likes and dislikes, and it is easy to go to extremes. The final result often runs counter to the original intention. Women always like to speculate, analyze other people's words, actions, eyes, and then impose their logic on the wind and shadow. As a result, women's thinking is sometimes a little bit stupid, a little ridiculous, and it's really not a mind.

Women are emotional and irrational and often take regret medicine. If she regrets something, then it will often affect her emotions for a long time. Even if they buy something ordinary, they may regret it. For example, a piece of clothing was full of joy when I bought it, but I just regretted it when I got on the car, at least I murmured-you see, this collar style is not very good, and the sleeves are not suitable.How to wear it to meet someone! When she returned home, she quickly put on that dress and took a picture in front of the mirror, but the picture became worse and worse. So the woman went out of the house as firmly as when she bought it, squeezed into the car again, returned to the mall, and changed to another dress. This example is just the most common trivial thing in life. It is natural and harmless, and it may still have beautiful value. If you buy it wrong, you can replace it. If you regret it, you can remedy it. Other things in life are very different from buying things. For example, when looking for an object, of course, the object cannot always be changed like a clothes!

In other things, women are also often sensuous and not good at thinking from a rational point of view. They also complain and feel that it is all the fault of others, and that they are right.

This cannot be said that women have no ability to think, or that women’s thinking is irrational, but women’s ability to think about problems is often swayed by emotions. They often use intuition to judge things. They talk about it for a while, and they are emotionally excited for a while. Excited and burst into tears.

For women, the thing that bothers them most is the decline in thinking ability and excess emotions. They devote everything to the insignificance that is not trustworthy but can release their feelings. They often mistakenly believe that the stronger their beliefs, the more devout believers. This is how a woman is, her sensibility is unabashed.
Some truths about woman nature

Women also love to doubt, and their thoughts go round and round, and then easily deny the facts that have been very clear or the ideas that have been determined. Women also ask men day after day: "Do you love me? Do you want me?" When asked, women basically ignore the facts, just to meet their psychological needs. The woman's heart hopes for a positive answer, regardless of whether the answer is insincere and perfunctory. 

There are many incomprehensible aspects of women's thinking, sometimes they spend their money, and sometimes they are careful. For example, a woman’s four seasons of clothes are filled with several wardrobes, but she always says that there is no clothes to wear; when she is shopping, she is reluctant to spend money to save the car. Rather, she puts the car in an unguarded corner, and is not afraid of losing the car to save two cents. ; Women are willing to spend a lot of money to buy cosmetics, luxury goods, make a hair also cost hundreds of dollars, annual beauty costs will cost tens of thousands of yuan, but dressed in a brightly mixed in the vegetable market, and vegetable sellers a cent To bargain.

Women's thinking is not suitable for studying history and geography. Shakespeare is a kind of cheese. Picasso is my uncle...Women can learn mathematics badly, but they can't calculate Can't be unhappy, two dollars and two pounds of tomatoes, four pounds and seven or two, how much money, the woman's eyes rolled around.

Women's thinking often fails to grasp the primary and secondary. For example, once a woman is a mother, the maternity side fully shows that the child is regarded as the sustenance of life, and the child becomes the center of the family. Instead, the relationship between the couple is ignored, which is one of the reasons for the seven-year itch. Women are often unkempt and unpretentious at home; when they go out, they are dressed up in a dazzling and graceful manner, and they want to change their clothes twice a day.

Although the woman's thinking is logically chaotic, she stands firm. Never give up if you don’t achieve your goal, but you don’t want to say that sometimes it makes men feel at a loss. Asked what she wanted to eat today, she say casually. Eat western food? 

There are a few words: the beauty of learning is to make people confused, the beauty of poetry is to lie on the rails, the beauty of men is to lie and speak to ghosts during the day, and the beauty of women is to be stupid and without regret. "Stupid" here should be understood as thinking. Most women will feel weird in their hearts after reading the above text. They want to recognize but are not reconciled. They firmly refuse to admit on the mouth. This is also the thinking of women.

This is a sentimental woman. She is a little silly, but she is so cute, so silly that makes a rational man both emotional and heartbroken.

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