supplements can help meet nutritional needs

The best nutritional strategy to promote optimal health and reduce the risk of chronic disease is to choose a wide variety of foods wisely. Fortified foods and additional vitamin and vitamin supplements can help meet nutritional needs at certain stages or special situations throughout life.

What are nutritional supplements?
Products made from nutrients and other components present in food with the purpose of satisfying the needs nutrition particulars determined by physical, physiological or metabolic conditions specific (FDA).

Some basic concepts about supplements
  • Supplements can be useful when they are intended to complete the requirement of a specific nutrient identified that cannot be covered in an individual subject by dietary intake.
  • Supplements MUST NOT replace a healthy nutrition
  • Those individuals who consume the amount recommended nutrient in food will not achieve additional health benefit with use of supplements.
  • In some cases, supplements and food fortified can cause an intake that exceeds Safety levels of certain nutrients.

importance of nutrition in growth and development of a child
  • Adequate nutrition during early years is essential for a optimal growth and development.
  • During these years the guidelines are established food that will be the basis for constitution of eating habits.
  • It is a stage of high nutritional vulnerability.
  • Vitamins and minerals are elements important to cover within the total nutritional requirements in children and teenagers.
  • Due to poor synthesis, they must be obtained from the usual diet.
  • They are needed in small quantities and in one balanced diet are present in quantities enough in the food.

Who are the users of supplements?
Epidemiological data show that supplements are mainly used by

individuals receiving diets and styles of healthier lives instead of those at increased risk of inappropriateness.

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