Tenderness: How can women make themselves more gentle and attractive

Understand the Real Meaning of tenderness

People always endow tenderness with unlimited imagination and poetry, and describe it like flowers, closed moon, sinking fish and clean water shining, how many people have sincerely sighed for it, how many people have expressed surprise praise for it-gentle beauty, beauty is like tenderness.

The most touching thing about women is gentleness. A woman standing in front of you, saying a few words, without even talking, you can feel whether this woman is gentle. This has nothing to do with age, not even the appearance.

"Now girls are aggressive and not gentle at all!" Men often hear similar complaints. Indeed, compared with the women of the past, modern women rarely have a soft and considerate, birdie. Instead, the style is like a male, a "barbarous female" who is both violent and savage.

In life, the seriousness of men often expresses a deep, mature, vicissitudes, and fortitude, while the seriousness of women gives people a more indifferent and severe feeling, and even gets a "not like a woman" evaluation. Observe the women around you, and you will find that flattering and popular relationships are often not those "cold-faced beauties", but those who are easy-going and gentle. 

Even though her facial features are not exquisite and her body is not graceful, she is full of kindness and love, and can give people a spiritual beauty and emotional comfort. Because people are thoughtful, what they need is lively and vivid, emotionally blending and caring for each other. For women, what people look forward to is a beauty that contains maternal love. This is a sublime beauty, which can make up for the congenital shortcomings and make young women cute and elderly women great.

Gentleness is the ultimate weapon of a woman. Which man does not want to be knocked down by such a weapon? Gentleness has a long poetic meaning, it spreads slowly and gently, floats to your side, expands and diffuses, surrounds, wraps, and intoxicates you, making you feel a kind of looseness, a kind of belonging , A kind of beauty.

A gentle woman is the most lethal. A feminine woman has tenderness. She loves the people around her with her heart, just like the rain at night, the moisturizer is silent, she is like the wind gently blowing her face, she Embracing the child of the world with her mother's arms, she is kind, caring about the people around her, knowing the cold and hot, understanding others, thinking for others, and gently comforting each heart with her own heart. Gentleness is a unique feature of women and a precious asset of women. If you want to be more perfect, more charming and more attractive, you should maintain or excavate the tenderness unique to you as a woman.

So, how can women make themselves more gentle and attractive in daily life? You can cultivate and release your soft charm from the following 7 aspects.

1. Reasonable:
This is the best expression of female tenderness. Gentle women are generally tolerant of people. They are humble and considerate. They like to think for others in every way, and will never embarrass others.

2. Compassionate:
This is a concentrated expression of female tenderness in dealing with others. For the elderly, the weak, the sick, the disabled, the young and the poor, women should show their due sympathy and do their best to help them.

3. Hard work:
This is the traditional virtue of oriental women, especially in family life. Married women need to be married to their sons, respect their elders, be diligent and frugal, and also take care of their work. This requires women to be hard-working and hard-working.

4. Kindness:
This means that women must be caring, have good wishes for people and things, and like to care and help others. Show more care for family members, especially children.

If a woman has a narrow mind and a dark mind, even if her appearance and voice are feminine again, men will not appreciate her for long. 

5. Soft personality:
A gentle woman will never jump or thunder whenever she encounters discomfort. this is the highest realm of a gentle woman, even if the steel is a thousand hammers, it can be dissolved by her tenderness.

6. Gentle and careful:
What makes a woman so emotional is not the amazing performance, but the kind of caring and thoughtfulness of the woman at the right time. When you go out with her, if you eat something and your hands are dirty, she will immediately hand over the tissue; the buttons on your clothes are off, and she will help you make up for them in time...Although these are small things, but The subtlety fully embodies the gentle charm that women cannot resist.

7. Not weak be strong:
Gentleness does not mean weakness. Tenderness is a virtue, a manifestation of the strength and fulfillment of the inner world, while weakness is a shortcoming to be overcome, and the two should not be confused.

In short, gentleness can be reflected in all aspects. In the life of smart women, gentleness can be reflected everywhere. And it is worth recalling that women’s tenderness can not only exceed the limits of the country and nation, but also break through the constraints of time and age, and will always run through the life of every woman.

Women are using the thousands of romantic and enchanting gentleness to open up a warm world in which men can be placed, thus achieving a beautiful and harmonious love life. At the same time, they also create a man who can feel the inner Aesthetic objects. Women see the value of their own existence in the unity of opposites of the same masculine beauty, so that their own aesthetic realm can be freely extended and fully sublimated.

As a modern woman, you must not only retain the traditional gentle beauty, but also create your own personal beauty, which will benefit you immensely, and it is also a beautiful plan that you must persist throughout your life.

Beauty can make a woman proud for a moment, while self-confidence can make a woman charming all her life. Maybe you don’t have a superb appearance, but you can’t be without confidence. Self-confidence can make people charm and make people beautiful. A charming woman, no matter where she goes, will become the focus of men's attention, the object of female envy or jealousy. Some women think that charm is innate and has nothing to do with themselves, because they are not beautiful, they are not good in shape, and there are no high-end clothing packaging, they can't expect to have it for a lifetime. In fact, every woman has her own charm, just because you are too low self-esteem, too lack of self-confidence, so that your advantages and potential can not be well displayed and tapped.

The inherent beauty of temperament, wisdom, talent, skills, etc., may make women more permanently attractive. The great charm of being able to write good characters, speak fluent English, and be proficient in computer operation techniques, etc., will often overwhelm everyone. Even if your appearance is far from the standard of a beautiful woman, talent is far from the standard of a talented woman. As long as you work hard to be confident, self-love, and self-improvement, you can find the charm that belongs to you. Gentle, delicate, generous, kind, tolerant, and courteous, treat people around you with sincerity, help the unfortunate people with love and enthusiasm, be generous, and smile naturally at the right time, women have infinite charm and will Impress people.

Confident women are always rejuvenated, hold their heads high, look energetic and confident in their lives and work. Confident women are not afraid of failure. They face the misfortunes and setbacks in real life with a positive attitude; they face the cynicism and sarcasm in all directions with a smile; they use practical actions to safeguard their dignity. All this shows the temperament of the confident person. A confident woman will not be arrogant and domineering all day long, chanting feminism first. They know how to surpass men, not to give them back their hegemony, but to live as confidently as they do. Harmony, equality and mutual assistance are the driving forces of social progress.

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