The Apple Cider Vinegar Flu relief Remedy

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been used to cure different diseases for centuries. If one can get endure its bitter taste, one can get relief in its healing qualities. It has been known to help in the treatment of gout, acne, arthritis, high cholesterol, acid reflux and chronic fatigue.

One of its more common benefit is to stop a cold or flu. It can help to cure a sore throat, reduce stubborn cough, and cure sinus infection. Apple cider vinegar flu remedy is a natural,easy and safe remedy.

How Apple cider vinegar flu remedy works
When you are suffering from cold, your body's pH level becomes slightly more alkaline. Apple cider vinegar is acidic and helps to stabilize the body's acid level.

How Apple cider vinegar sinus infection remedy works
In the case of a sinus infection, the apple cider vinegar remedy decreases mucus production and mostly eliminates watery eyes problems because it contains high quantity of potassium. It will quickly thin the mucous, turning it from thick green or white to clear and runny. Apple cider vinegar contains many nutrients like: vitamins, and other elements like iron, silicon, magnesium,copper, phosphorous, and calcium.

How to take Apple Cider Vinegar 

There are many method to include apple cider vinegar into your diet in order to benefit from its remedial qualities. The level of effectiveness of an apple cider vinegar flu remedy is not only based on how you take it, but also depends on when you take it. Some use it as a daily as a medicine, while others take it at the very beginning sign of a cold or sinus infection.

Since the taste of Apple Cider Vinegar is bitter, it is often mixed with other liquids like water etc. You can dilute 1/8 to 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar into 16 ounces ( 1 ounce = approximately 28.3 grams) of water or juice, and drink small mouthfuls throughout the day.

If you can endure ,dilute 2 tablespoons of ACV into 8 ounces of water or juice and drink the whole at once, the maximum limit is 3 times everyday.

When added to apple juice, it's taste becomes like cider and is much more easier to drink.

ACV can also be mixed with a cup of tea

If drinking apple cider vinegar is difficult for you, then you can add it t various liquid.

The suggested dosage for ACV is up to 3 tablespoons per day. It is also available in capsule form at vitamin stores and health food store. Ingesting a capsule every day keeps your body's pH level stable, improving your immune system strong to fight off a cold or flu.

Other Remedial Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar Flu

To cure and relieve chest congestion (feeling of stuffiness in the nasal or breathing passageways) due to a cold or flu, soak a piece of brown paper in ACV and cover one side with black pepper. Strap the paper (pepper side down) to the chest area and leave on for approximately thirty minutes.
To soothe a sore throat due to a cold or flu, mix equal amount of ACV and water and wash your mouth every hour, making sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly afterwards in order to stop the acid from eroding the enamel on your teeth.
To cure a sinus headache and stuffy nose, add 1/8 of a cup of ACV to the water solution in the vaporizer.

Disclaimer: The practice of an ACV flu remedy is considered to be very effective and safe; however, it is crucial to consult a doctor regarding any medical problem you may have. However the use of ACV natural flu remedies and other medicines is becoming increasingly famous, they are meant to improve traditional medicines; they cannot take the place of prescription drugs.

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